Slowly, he went down on his knees, "God, this temptation is too heavy for me. Please save me from this pain". He prayed in tears.
Soon, it was morning and Abigail quickly called Mina.
Hello girlfriend, is he inn? I mean Chris. She inquired.
That guy is more than serious. He got here about five minutes ago. He is resting in the bedroom whiles I'm in the kitchen preparing a sumptuous breakfast. Mina whispered.
Wow girlfriend, just have fun. I seriously envy you. She playfully stated.
Talk to you on Monday when we meet at work. Mina responded.
Wait a minute Mina, what about Joojo? What are you going to tell him when he calls? She inquired.
It is good we recorded his conversation, can you believe he hasn't called me ever since I visited him on campus? That guy is playing with fire! Mina angrily narrated.
Calm down Mina, one thing at a time. Just focus on Chris. We will discuss Joojo later. Abigail responded and dropped the call.
Interesting! This game is the best! Now, Abigail's happiness is going to pay me a cool Ghc2500.
Afterwards, I will also book Chris for a fun time with that same money. She thought.
I pity Mina though, because she will loose Joojo and Selorm as well. Awwww, such a poor girl whose happiness will be short lived. She further thought.
Mina hurried with the breakfast and served Chris in bed.

She lovely fed him.
Chris took the cup of tea from her hand, undressed her and began pouring it slowly on her body.
He began licking her from the ch-est.
Mmmmm! This is good Chris! Aaaaahhhhhhh! Mmmmm! She moaned.
Slowly he got to her cli-to-ris and began examining it with his tongue.
He licked her so deep for several minutes until Mina began to squirt.
Oooouu-uuccc-hhh Chris! I'm dyin-ggggggggg! Aaaaaa-hhhhh! She loudly screamed.
Not yet baby, you don't have to die in the first 24hours. Stay alive for the sweetness. Chris mas-culi-nely whispered.
Slowly, he brought out his huge c-o-ck from his p-a-nts and pushed it down Mina's throat. He gently f-u-ck€d her mouth.
You su-k good baby... Mmmmmmmm! Oooou-uuucc-chhh! Chris gave out a s€xy mo*n and brought out his c*ck from her mouth.
He held the huge tip of his c*ck and pushed it slowly into her wet and demanding p*ssy.
He paused and stared so deep into her eyes.
Mina stared back with tears spewing from her eyes.
Chris, I wish I could fall in love with you. She mewed.
Not yet baby girl, this heart is too weak to love Chris. Let's enjoy this whiles it last.
This dick can be activated to f*cking with the sound of a mobile money alert, any day, anytime. He responded and started moving his wai-st in a circular motion.
Aaaaahhhhhhh Chris! Fuuuuu-uuuuuc-cccck meeeeeeeeeee. Mina screamed.
I ain't f*cking you Mina, I am only testing the depth of your p*ssy and how deep I can push. Chris whispered.
With sweet centimeters deep, wet centimeters wide and zero centimeters tight, I think I can fuck you now. He screamed and began fucking her with speed.
Mmm-mmmmmm! Chrisssssssssssss! Chrissssssssssss! Aaaaaaaa! Mina screamed.
Hold me tight baby! Fasten your seatbelt. Just hold meeee! Chris moaned.
He speedily f*cked her until Mina began to plead for a break.
He paused and began to smile.
I'm tired Chris. You are such a strong man.
No man has ever f*cked me this way in my entire life. She confessed.
No man can, sweet angel. The only man who could, was my father. Unfortunately, he is dead and buried with all the sweetness. Chris playfully responded and withdrew his c*ck from her p*ssy.
Mina stared at his dick in amazement.
Wow, such a huge pink d*ck. She complimented.
To be continued...


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