EPISODE 8 : Temilade Episode Story

The story titled "TEMILADE" was written
for your great pleasures to learn more from episodes of life.
.No part of it should be reproduced
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you mean I must raise this money before you can operate that legs? Doctor please say something, my
father must not die.
Doctor: getting that money is the only option you have
Me: and you said my mother will not hear this, that’s
Doctor: just take it easy.
I left his office, I entered the world of thinking on how I can raise one hundred and fifty thousand within few hours. A thought came to my mind that I should go to my father friends.
I went back to my brother
Me: how are you now Biodun?
Biodun: I’m feeling better. Where is my Daddy?
Me: he’s coming just relax ok?
Mum: have you called him to know his where about?
Me: I’m not with my phone.
Mum: where is your phone??
Me: leave that for now ma.
Mum: what’s wrong your are dull? Is anything wrong?
Me: there is serious problem!
Mum: what’s wrong?
Me: (I whispered to her) Daddy had an accident and
It is fatal one.
Before I knew it, she fainted!
Me: Nurse! Doctor!! Nurse!!! Mummy please open
your eye!!!!
Nurse: why did you told her despite that you knew her
Me: it wasn’t my fault I have to tell her………CRYING.
She regained her strength thirty minutes later…….
Mum: what happened to my husband.
Doctor: you have to relax for now madam. If not you will just put this girl to dilemma.
I could not fight back the already saturated tears as I poured everything.
Few minutes later, I told my mun that I’ll be back. I went out to rally round maybe I
could raise the money for daddy treatment.
I went to one of my daddy best friend………
Me: ko ko
Gateman: who be that?
Me: na me.
Gateman: who be you?
Me: your Oga friend pikin.
Gateman: (opening the gate) so na you.
Me: yes now.
Gateman: Oga no dey house now.
Me: where in go?
Gateman: he traveled.
Me: which day in go come back?
Gateman: a no know o.
Emeka who are you talking to(the man spoke from inside)?
Me: I’m the one sir.
Mr Bola: Who are you?
Me: Temilade.
Mr Bola: come inside.
Me: yes sir. You hen? na lie lie go kill you.
Emeka: which kind lie. How many time I don tell you
say make we dey yans ourselves?
Me: make you ask am again. Mumu! Go dey yans
your mother or sister.
Mr Bola: Temmy leave Emeka come inside.
I went inside………..good day sir!
Mr Bola: how you doing?
Me: there is serious problem sir.
Mr Bola: what is it dear?
Me: my daddy had an accident while Biodun and
mummy was also on hospital bed.
Mr Bola: what??? When did that happened?
Me: Biodun has been hospitalised a week ago. Daddy had accident today which rendered my mum fainted.
Mr Bola: sorry dear (curdling me). Where are they
Me: TemiDun Specialist hospital.
Mr Bola: what assistance can I render now?
Me: (kneel down)
Mr Bola: you don’t have to do that am just like your
father moreso you are more beautiful than that (hugging me). So tell me what you want me to do for
Me: we need sum of one hundred and fifty thousand to carry out an operation for him.
Mr Bola: you don’t have Any problem ok?
Me: thank sir.
Mr Bola: (touching my buttock) just be a good girl ok?
Me: yes sir.
Mr Bola: go to my bedroom, bring the brief case on the bed.
The story continues……………


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