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for your great pleasures to learn more from episodes of life.
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I wondered what his aim might be.
Is this old man trying to sleep with a young girl like
Why now??
No if he try it I will show him the real me.
Mr Bola: I said go and bring the brief case on my bed
for me. Or what are you thinking?
Me: but sir……….
Mr Bola: what is it? Remember your daddy is on
hospital bed.
I entered his bedroom to look for it but could not find
anything. I decided to go and tell him. when I’m about to opening his Door, I met coming in with a towel on his waist.
Mr Bola: have you seen it?
Me: No am about to tell you I couldn’t find it.
Mr Bola: come closer to me Temmy.
Me: I said I didn’t see any brief case.
Mr Bola: oh sorry! I kept it in my wardrobe.
Me: okay sir. Let me go and wait for you in the sitting
Mr Bola: no, you don’t have to. Temmy I love you
Me: whaaaat???? Oh my goodness! I thought as much
since you’ve started touching my buttock. Sir, you said I’m like your daughter? So you’re sleeping with your daughter as well?
Mr Bola: what is the big deal in having affair with you.
Come on! You are no more a kid.
Me: sir if you can’t help the situation don’t make it worst.
Mr Bola: am ready to help you but you will help me
as well.
Me: what sort of help is that?
Mr Bola: let me have a taste of you.
Me: sir I can’t date you talkless of having sex with you.
Mr Bola: I will add fifty thousand to the money.
Me: are you crazy(I don’t even know when it came out)? Do you know what is coming out of your mouth? Sex me? For money?
Mr Bola: Gbola(he slapped me) how dare you talking to
me like that? Whether you like it or not you can’t
escape it today!
Me: kneel down, am sorry sir I just got frustrated.
Mr Bola: no time for me in exchanging words with
Me: (his attitude at this time made me reasoned well, he must be under influence of druig) please sir am still a virgin and have made
promised that no man will touch me except the one I
wanted to marry.
Mr Bola: virgin? I will add another fifty thousand, how about that?
Me:(crying) don’t do this to me sir am begging.
He suddenly hugged me and hold me tightly………

Me: leave me alone! leave me alone!! leave me alone!!!
Mr Bola: if you like shout from now till tomorrow nobody can hear you.
Me: please for God sake!
Mr Bola: give me chance even if it’s only this time.
Me: (pretended) you mean only this once?
Mr Bola: yes.
Me: ok relax yourself let me pull my cloth (kissing
Mr Bola: so you are pretending before? That’s good of you( caressing my hair).
Me: I will give you three style you will never forget(yea I do hear that from my friends).
Mr Bola: are you serious?
Me: you will sorry for yourself when am done with
Mr Bola: I will surprise you as well.
Me: where is your bathroom?
Mr Bola: am too set for that.
Me: let me shower so that you can enjoy me to the fullest.
I removed my skirt to convince him.
Mr Bola: be quick please.
I pecked him and rest his back on the bed.
He laid down nodding his head like agama lizard, unknowingly to him, I picked my skirt and opened the
door wore my skirt along the way to sitting room and ran…………
Emeka: stop waiting dey pursue you wey you know fit
wear your skirt well. Abi my Oga too strong?
Me: you and your Oga dey crazy! Na thunder go fire both of una! I pushed him away headed to gate post. I opened it and ran as fast as I
To be continued………..


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