Iranian Shi’ites threatens to overthrow Buhari Over Nigerian Shiites Leader In Military Jail (Video)

Recall couple of years ago, December 12, 2015, when some soldiers were stationed by our
Husainiyya Baqiyyatullah, religious centre along Sokoto Road, Zaria, Kaduna State. Some IMN members asked them to move further away from the place. As they were leaving the place, they were ordered not to leave by a superior officer. This resulted in the soldiers firing, killing about seven of our members. Shortly after this, the convoy of the Chief of Army Staff arrived at the scene.Iranian Shi’ites threaten to overthrow Buhari

This year 2018, the Islamic group called "Shiites" assembled again to fight for the freedom of their leader and his wife in Nigeria army captivity, but all efforts resulted to war in federal territory Abuja between the soilders and Shiites followers.

As received on Aynaijang CEO desk... Iranian Shiites has staged a protest warning the Federal Government and threatened to overthrow Buhari.
Watch video beneath :


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