Lady, whose cheating husband knifed 46 times, still proclaiming love for him

A 24-year-old woman whose cheating husband has been jailed for 20 years for attempted
murder, after he savagely stabbed her at least 46 times, has vowed to stand by him, Dailymail reports.

The ferocious attack occurred two weeks after she found out about her husband's infidelity. Shannon Barnard, 21, suffered multiple wounds, as Michael Barnard repeatedly knifed her, telling her she 'had to die'
Lady, whose cheating husband knifed 46 times, still proclaiming love for him

Fourteen injuries were to her chest and breasts alone, with four penetrating her internal organs, and 10 to her abdomen. Both her lungs collapsed and she has also been left with substantial and numerous scars which may require skin grafts. .

Doctors said she was extremely fortunate to have survived. But Maidstone Crown Court heard, today, that she has forgiven her 25-year-old husband and plans to start a family with him on his release from prison.
Speaking during Barnard's sentencing hearing for attempted murder, she replied when asked how she saw their future: "Just to be together and have the life that we both want with each other and have a family." .

The court heard she had also been visiting Barnard in prison 'on every occasion possible', and plans to see him twice weekly.

Do you think this is possible to forgive easily Aynaijang blog readers? Am sure she definitely wants to kill him herself. 20year jail sentence is too small a punishment. So she needs him to feel the pain she felt and then die by her hands. Uncle sorry in advance...


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