Rapist mercilessly flogged in Lagos for defiling an uderage girl

Rapist flogged in Lagos

OMG! Why do Africans relate everything to spirituality? Someone committed a heinous offense
and you said he is being controlled by the enemy. So the enemy made him to have an erection when he saw an underaged girl? That’s incredible! Aynaijang CEO Isokay!😷

Four weeks after confessing to raping an underage schoolgirl on October, 26, 2018, in Makoko, Lagos, a rapist has been dealt with by the community elders.

When the case was first reported, the suspect faced a panel of elders and was made to sign an undertaking not to do such again.

To prevent the case from getting to the court of law, the elders had promised that they would address it according to the community’s rules. So, today, the suspect was flogged mercilessly as a punishment.

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