READ AND BE MOTIVATED : Heartmelt Story of the dwarf man who turns Pastor

Bamise Majayogbe

READ AND BE MOTIVATED (Story of the dwarf man)
Bamise Majayogbe and I were together over 10yrs ago at Federal poly Offa as students, he
is what we all call dwarf (arara). Then, i knew him as a member K.D.D (King David Dance), a christian dance team, those times i was a member of the school drama troupe. whenever he wears his agbada dancing freely with his group, i watch and laugh, of course everyone watch him dance especially when they organized a programme tagged ERINLAKATABU.
Recently we met at a C.A.C Church where i went for coverage and he was there as a speaker, he narrated his ordeal in the society because of his size, he told us how he was neglected from every walks of life, he forced himself through primary school to secondary school, he demanded to go higher institution and this was really tough to meet up, but with his parent support, he forged ahead.
Bamise Majayogbe

He decided to go to school and excell, his situation got worse on campus as no one want to sit close to him, pregnant women would pick race from him to avoid having a child like him, there are times he would board a bus and people will come down cos they cant cope sitting with him, when he talks in class everyone burst to laughter and relating with young ladies was a no go area. Most people sees his going to school as waste if time, who would employ a dwarf into his company, so his effort appeared meaningless, yet he pressed on.

He pressed on despite all odds, he decided to break all barriers, years later he finished, became a pastor and really a successful man around, he got married to a very beautiful lady, check photo below, not a dwarf o, he married a woman with normal height and with all the curves (don't ask or imagine how he looks on her in bed, that is irokuro, dont av dirty when he took her home to his parents, his mom called the lady behind and ask again if she is sure she sees him well before saying YES, The mother didn't believe he could find able height woman, she was anazed. (his family celebrated it)
Today in his family, he is an educated man like other 10 children, a pastor and a speaker, the CEO of a Dance Academy and a dance troupe. now in the family, when anything comes up, his parents would say, "e je ki pastor naa o da si" (let pastor too contribute) he is considered too. he is living well and fulfilled. he broke all limitation to catch his dream. He is invited everywhere now.

Heartmelt Story of the dwarf man who turns Pastor

It was a nice time meeting him again in Osogbo, we had unlimited chats about life at FEDPOFFA. After meeting in Osogbo, he called me on phone the next day to say his wife put to bed, my eyes was wet with tears, was happy for him, he deserve this joy. he is popularly called Pastor Zacheous ( i guess cos of his size), the good thing about him is that he sees no one as a better person, he sees himself equal to all if not better. when i was to snap with him, he was told to climb the altar space while i stand on the floor, he refused, he said we either climb together or stay on floor together cos i can not intimidate him... we all laughed but it was a powerful message, No one is better than you my reader.. Get it straight.
Now, what limitation have you set for yourself too? GO BREAK THE BARRIER. when you think you are too fat or too old to get a husband and it got u depressed, sometimes you are worried about your look: ugly, too black, full of pimples, tribal mark etc and u are worried if they are reasons guys are not coming your way.. GO BREAK THE BARRIER, You think you are too poor to be successful, or you are not intelligent enough GO BREAK THE BARRIER, You feel because people are not helping you, that's why you are yet to succeed. GO BREAK THE BARRIER. YOU think you are spiritually attacked, that's why your business is so slow or you have too much competitors or Nigeria economy does not favour you GO BREAK THE BARRIER, You see many people better than you that's why they have edge over you GO BREAK THAT BARRIER. You think because you dont have Bsc, may be because you have HND, NCE, SSCE or you never been to school is why you cant make it? GO BREAK THAT BARRIER, Even if you are an orphan, you have no excuse.
Anything you have in mind, that you think is the reason you are backward, those things are not anyway the reasons, they are just there to scare you from moving further or to depress you, put it behind you. move on faster than you think, put whatever people will say aside and take a move, those who mock you today will celebrate you tomorrow. you need to be where this dwarf pastor is preaching and see the way congregation listen and obey his prayer points. you will be amazed, same person that people avoided for years including close friends
You can invite him for:
Your church programme,
Youth anniversary,
Choir concert or Drama night
as well as Campuses,
he will motivate and lift your spirit.
Reach him on 08063206344


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