By Akinlolu Balogun, Savanah Reporters.
11th November 2018
The news of Mr Dapo Abiodun adoption by Mr Oshiomhole as a tool of the Lagos cabals has not abated. The many faithful of Ogun APC have vowed not to accept the fraudulent non-existent Ogun State primary election that was purportedly held on the 3rd October 2018. An election that was held only in the imagination of the compromised Mr Oshiomhole without validation by INEC and security agencies.
It was an audacious fraud by somebody who profess to promote equity, fairness and justice. Mr Oshiomhole has done just the opposite of what he preaches. He has come to equity with stained hands. He has brazenly displayed a corruptible disposition never seen or heard about a party Chairman in Nigeria. Mr Oshiomhole has set a national record of the fastest destroyer of a National party.
The bad news for Ogun people is that the Lagos cabals are the main plotter of the evil machination finalized, implemented and supervised by Mr Oshiomhole.
According to investigation carried out, the Lagos cabals must have given Mr Oshiomhole about N300million and with a reported N500m that exchanged hands between Mr Dapo Abiodun and selected four members of the APC National Working Committee. Mr Oshiomhole was unsuspecting of the motive of the Lagos cabals. His major consideration was money.
The Lagos cabals interest is simple: colonosation of Ogun State for political and monetary consideration. The cabals are already envious of the good financial foundation laid by Governor Ibikunle Amosun and now vowed to politically annex Ogun State to Lagos. With a reported projected Ogun IGR of N120billion per annum in the next four years, Aphabeta a prominent Lagos based tax Consultancy outfit, is positioned to take over the Tax collection in Ogun State. This will afford the company a yearly commission of N18b per at the expense of Ogun people.
The other consideration of the Lagos cabals is to pocket Nigeria post-Buhari era. To achieve this, they want to decimate all political timbers and Iroko in APC.
Many people have posited that it is a political insanity for National Chairman of a party less than six months in office to brutally fight the Chairman of Governors Forum in Nigeria, the Chairman of APC Governors in Nigeria and a prominent southwest Governor close to the President Buhari. To make the matter worse Mr Oshiomhole is seen to be fraternizing more with PDP apologists.
The issue of Mr Oshiomhole handing over the governorship ticket of Imo State to Mr Hope Uzodima who decamped from PDP to APC less than six months ago is an embarrassment. To many concern stakeholders, Mr Oshiomhole has turned himself into a traitor, tyrant and an Emperor. This is typology of Idi Amin of Uganda of the 70s.
Weep for Mr Dapo Abiodun. He is surrounded by bandits and treacherous personality without noble traits and virtues.
Mr Dapo Abiodun current friends are populated by those who have had the best ‘choice appointments’ and benefits in the government of Senator Ibikunle Amosun and who out of sheer greed and economic laziness felt more fortunes could be procured from Dapo Abiodun.
Take examples of four categories of Mr Dapo Abiodun current political friends:
Category one : some Executive Chairmen of LGCs who took N90m each as security vote in three years,N15m as salaries for three years, N15m in festival support( Ileya and Christmas ) and over N250m running cost after salary payment. This is aside the IGR that was not accounted for. All of them left office with official vehicles- Hilux trucks and other expensive SUVs. The question is what is Amosun offense to warrant the evil gang up from these treacherous political bandits? No offense except they were not allowed to transit into Transition Chairmen after their tenure ended.
If they had ‘enjoyed’ this best from Amosun and could still say crucify him, then Mr Dapo Abiodun should know that he is in the midst of a ‘hell of friends”. They are the treacherous men, the political bandits who are more of liabilities than assets.
Category 2: some people were appointed as Commissioners, Special Advisers and Chairmen of Statutory boards in 2011/2012 and some of them were re-appointed to different offices in 2015/16 while some having ‘eaten very well’ and on account of age were not re-appointed.

As a result of these, the political bandits are waging wars against Governor Amosun not for the interest of the masses but for personal gains and aggrandizements
Category 3: some House of Assembly and House of Representatives members who have spent two terms of eight years and were told to allow other loyal party members to contest felt annoyed by Governor Amosun and as such they must align with the enemies of Amosun to fight him.
These House of Representatives members made over N1billion in seven years. From records too, the House of Assembly members have made over N170m each in seven years.
Category 4: some fellows were made Councillors in 2012 and 2016, even though many of them were previously unemployed.
A Councillor gets about N250,000 in salaries and allowances. Yet Amosun is no longer a good governor. These are people who have not even benefited a dime from Mr Dapo Abiodun. The question is what has Amosun done to them to have made them shifted camp? Nothing except that they are treacherous men and women. The good news is this: they are just few treacherous people out of the good lot.
The categories are many. Unfortunately, the most faithful party loyalists standing firm with Amosun are people who can claimed to have benefited very little from the party, yet they remained firmly committed to him. These are the glorious men and women. Men of noble characters. The real ‘Omoluabi’, men and women of honour and integrity.
Weep for Mr Dapo Abiodun who has surrounded himself with mischievous men and women who are innately treacherous. They are serial betrayers who do not value a sustained relationship. They are not people-centric but self centered individuals. The love they have for Mr Dapo Abiodun is not a true love but rather see Mr Dapo Abiodun to lead their inglorious battle against Man of Destiny, the Political Messiah of Ogun State, Governor Ibikunle Amosun.
If despite the great material gains these treacherous political bandits have benefited from Amosun administration from 2011 to date and could still engage his populist government in an unholy battle, then, Mr Dapo Abiodun should be prepared for the worst because these dishonourable political bandits will soon stab him at the back. They are the evil who lurk around to devour Mr Dapo Abiodun.

Those who eat and dine with Amosun and now saying ‘crucify him’ are shameless political bandits. The traitors of the family of Judas Iscariot. The wages of Iscariotic behavior is clear. Please tell those treacherous political vagabonds that Ogun is not for sale. For Ogun State, is save in God’s hand. Our God has bestowed it in the hands of men of honour like Ibikunle Amosun.
Only little time will tell who is in charge here in Ogun State. Certainly it is Amosun and not the dishonorable men and women from the city of Judas Iscariot and their evil cohorts.
When next you a treacherous man, run away from him because he is worse than a venomous viper!,
Yes, Mr Dapo Abiodun is surrounded by political vipers and vampires, only time will tell if he would survive it!


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