After Divorce Empire star Terrence Howard proposes to ex-wife Mira Pak again

The flame of true love is unquenchable no matter the predicament
trying subdue it strength . Empire star Terrence Howard proposed to ex-wife Mira Pak more than three years after the duo secretly divorced in July 2015.

Lori McCommas and Terrance Howard got married in 1989. They divorced in 2003 but they remarried in 2005 and divorced after two years.

Terrence and Mira Pak got married in 2013 but she filed for divorce in 2015 while she was pregnant.

The American actor, Terrence Howard, proposed to Mira Pak, his ex-wife, at Crustacean Beverly Hills in front of friends and family.

Howard shared the happy news on Instagram, using the hashtag #bloodisthickerthanwaterbutloveisthegluethatbindsus. In the accompanying slideshow, the engagement ring dazzled on Pak’s hand, and Howard slipped the ring onto her finger as she seemed to wipe away a tear.


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