Australian Identical Twins want to marry their shared boyfriend

Identical Twins in Australia want to marry one

Two sisters who are Identical twins in Australia have unleashed
how they both want to walk down the aisle with their shared boyfriend – but the law bans them from going ahead because it legally forbidden .

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 33, from Perth, Australia have been dating mechanic Ben Byrne since 2012, but now want to make things official with a wedding.

However polygamy is banned under the Australian Marriage Act 1961.

The women turned to Australian TV show Hughesy, We Have a Problem, in the hope of finding a solution, and shared a preview clip of their appearance on their Instagram account.

The siblings, who were dubbed the ‘world’s most identical twins’, have splashed out nearly $250,000 (£138,917) on cosmetic surgery to make themselves look more alike.


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