Before he could proceed, Angela walked into the office.
Good morning Doc, you called me. She said.
Yes I did Emefa, but as you can see, someone is already here so you have to wait a little. Doctor Ansu responded.
Angela stared at their faces in disrespect and walked out to wait.
Joojo please continue. Doc Ansu said.
Before I do Doctor, what meeting do you have with her? Joojo inquired.
Nothing bad Joojo, but since she is your brother's wife, I wanted to find out from her too what she thinks might be the cause of her husband's sinking health. He explained.
Look no further Doctor, that lady is the cause. Joojo responded.
How? He inquired.
Doctor can I please trust you? Joojo questioned.
Of course you can Joojo. Your brother's health is so important to me and we must find a lasting solution to keeping him alive. He answered.
Doctor, that lady you call Emefa isn't known as such in reality. Her name is Angela Owusu. She was my old time fiancee whom my brother didn't approve of because she had given birth. Joojo narrated.
What! Doctor Ansu screamed and stood up.
Joojo bowed down his head in tears.
Joojo, is she the woman whose reason was why you and your brother separated? He asked while still standing.
Yes doctor, she is. He responded.
So how come she is married to your brother? He surprisingly questioned.
Doctor I don't know! I only came to meet her in our home as Emefa Doku, my brother's wife. Joojo responded.
This is unbelievable! She might be up to something. Doc Ansu sat down and spoke.
I think so too Doctor, but the major problem is that, she and I had a secret wedding before I traveled. So, she is practically married to my brother and I. Joojo narrated.
Instantly, Doctor Ansu fell off his chair.
Joojo please don't kill me this afternoon! Are you hallucinating or for real? He questioned on the floor.
Doc, I wish I am hallucinating, but unfortunately, I am not. Joojo spoke in tears.
As I speak to you now, she's been pestering me for sex, and anytime I deny her, she misplace her anger on my brother. Really, I can feel my brother being maltreated without knowing what to do to help the situation since you've warned me not to break any bad news to him. Joojo narrated.
Doctor Ansu manged to get up from the floor and sat half way on his chair as if he was afraid to sit down.
What a risen devil! God have mercy! He screamed.
Joojo, I guess that is why Selorm is dying slowly. He's going through stress from maltreatment and we must do something to save him. He suggested.
Doctor, what do you suggest I do? Inform him of what is happening? Joojo asked.
No Joojo! Never!
You see how I fell down on the floor, he will fall heavily than that and might never be able to get up. He objected.
Then what Doctor? What? Joojo screamed in tears.
I am confused Joojo, I can't think any further. Doctor Ansu responded sadly.
Well then, I can't watch my only brother die, so I ought to do something! Joojo screamed and stood up to leave.
What are you going to do Joojo? Sleep with your brother's wife? Or kill her? Doctor Ansu fearfully questioned.
Joojo, remember any of the two, will still kill your brother faster, please don't do anything silly! Doctor Ansu advised.
Doctor, I must do what I must do! He responded and walked out on him.
When he got out, Angela was comfortably seated on the visitor's chair, with her legs crossed.
Angela, you want us to make love before you can love my brother right? Joojo got closer to her in tears and asked.
That's the only choice you have Joojo, don't you think so? She asked back.
Well, since that is what will keep my brother alive, I think I am ready. Meet me in the house. He painfully spoke and walked away.
Angela quickly got up from the chair and followed Joojo happily without seeing Doc Ansu.


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