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After she ended the call, I went outside to check the man Busayo is talking
about. I was so shocked when I saw Chief Abiodun hugging Ngozi! I momentarily rushed in. Busayo! Busayo!!…….
Busayo: what is it?
Me: (breathing heavily) is that the man you are talking about?
Busayo: what happened?
Me: talk to me please?
Busayo: yes now.
Me: haaa! See how God eventually delivered this man to our hand.
Busayo: what did you mean! You know him before?
Me: that’s Chief I told you about.
Busayo: haaa! Ori mi (my fate)! eleda mi o (oh my creature)!! No wonder this
man is lavishing money. What do we do now?
Me: let Ngozi come back.
Busayo: hope nothing will happened to me for collecting his money.
Me: nothing, it’s just that you are spending blood money.
Busayo: hmmm! Wait it seemed they are both coming.
Me: tell Ngozi I’m not at home. Let me go and hide inside the toilet.
Ngozi: hello Temmy!
Busayo: I don’t meet her inside.
Ngozi: where she could have gone?
Busayo: I don’t know.
Ngozi: chief that means you will meet my friend later.
Chief: no problem darling. Keep this for her.
Ngozi: thanks dear.
Busayo: (in pretence) thanks sir.
Chief: don’t mention, bye.
She escorted him out before she later came in.
Ngozi: haha na wetin happened now? Sebi Busayo said you no dey inside ni?
Me: sit down.
Ngozi: what happened?
Busayo: sit down jare!
Me: that’s Chief Abiodun I’m talking about.
Ngozi: which chief?
Busayo: which chief you escorted out now?
Ngozi: Chineke! So na the man be this?
Me: yes. That’s animal amidst of human being.
Ngozi: what I’m I going to do now?
Me: you will act according to our plan.
Ngozi: I think you said na virgin in dey use sha?
Me: yes now.
Ngozi: and me I don lost my virginity since 13yrs of age. So make in dey use them, I go dey spend the money for
Busayo: haaaa! You are heartless! Fellow girls like you.
Ngozi: na my mama pikin?
Busayo: na greediness go kill you.
Ngozi: you no collect the money wey in give you? Na him go kill you as well.
Busayo: I don’t know he’s lion in sheep fur then.
Ngozi: I think na because no be you wey in choose na in make.
Me: stop all these noises! If you wanted to continue dating him, I’m not stopping you.
Ngozi: it wasn’t that I don’t want to carry out that assignment.
Busayo: then what?
Ngozi: I done fall for this man.
Busayo: Igbo with money haaa!
Me: don’t worry!
Ngozi: okay I will do it but you will give me some time because he promised me a camry next month.
Me: you should have said that rather. No problem!
Ngozi: thanks my Boss.
Wait my phone is ringing, ha! It’s Femi. Pick it
Ngozi: hello uncle Femi!
Femi: how you doing?
Ngozi: thanks for being there for my friend.
Femi: don’t thank me! You don’t know how much I love this girl.
Ngozi: anyway thank you.
Femi: how was she now?
Can I speak with her?
Ngozi: better. You will be able to speak with her tomorrow.
Femi: thanks. Please don’t leave her vicinity.
Ngozi: I wont.
Femi: thanks! Bye.
Ngozi: una en! this guy don sink for ocean of your love.
Me: don’t mind him jare!
Busayo: what will you tell him tomorrow?
Me: he will surely balance my hospital bill.
Ngozi: hmmm! Temmy! Temmy!! You people will be saying I love money sey
you no like am?
Me: stop that jare! This is different.
Ngozi: hmmm! I beg I won go shower now.
Me: okay.
She went to bathroom to bath……..
Me: what did you think about this girl?
Busayo: I bet you she won’t do anything for that chief. She’s after his money.
Me: I thought as much. Let give her some time to get what she need, if she
don’t act then, I will know what to do.
Let me go and check the food am cooking.
She went to kitchen.
This Igbo girl don’t know who she’s playing with, I will show her mysel.
To be continued!


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