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I picked up my phone to dial my mummy number.
Me: hello ma!
Mum: how are you my jewel?
Me: am fine ma. How is my brother?
Mum: he’s fine o. How is your study?
Me: fine ma.
Mum: I bought some food stuff last week which I hoped you will come home.
Me: I have told you mum! Don’t bother about me. I’m alright.
Mum: hmmm! Since when your father died you don’t come home. I’m worried.
Me: I’m busy with my studies that’s why.
Mum: how are you coping without working.
Me: I’m doing a petty work which I’m using to finance myself. I will come next week because I missed you and Biodun. I also intended to give you some money.
Mum: thanks dear. But always remember that we don’t have anybody. Temilade remember the
daughter of whom you are. I don’t have any helper except God and you my children(crying).
Me: don’t worry I won’t disappoint you ma. Besides
as much as blood is flowing in my veins I will never let you lack.
Mum: okay oo. May Allah be with you dear.
Me: amen mum.
The following day I called Femi myself……
Me: Hello darling!
Femi: (excited)! Is this you?
Me: yes my darling.
Femi: how does it happened?
Me: all I know is that, I was coming from school before
I found myself on hospital bed.
Femi: sorry dear! How is your condition now?
Me: am almost okay now. Thanks. For being there for
me. You’ve made me realized that guys are not thesame. Infact you are one among the million guys.
Femi: stop that, if I don’t do it who else will do it? I’m doing what I suppose to do.
Me: all thesame you really surprised me. Thanks!
Femi: okay. When are you going to be discharge?
Me: if my mum could balance the remaining bill, I wiil be discharge next week.
Femi: how much is remaining bill?
Me: thirty thousand.
Femi: I will send the remaining money to your account tomorrow morning.
Me: this is much dear!
Femi: stop that! You don’t know how much I loved you.
Me: thanks darling. I love you with all my heart.
Femi: I love you too. I will send credit to you later dear.
Me: alright. How is work?
Femi: good. I will have Off next week so I will like to come to see my angel.
Me: I can’t wait to see you darling.
Femi: my eyes are eagered to satisfy it’s curiousity.
Me: I will be much expecting you. Give me a peck.
Femi: mueh….mueh. take care dear.
Me: thanks bye…..
Busayo: what are you intend doing about this guy?
Me: what do you suggest?
Busayo: maybe you tell him the truth.
Me: you are funny! How could that be possible? Since when?
Busayo: if he truly love you he will understand.
Me: what kind of understanding. All the information I gave him none is associated with me. Not even the names.
Busayo: so?
Me: let him send that 30K then I will know the next line of action. Wait a minute, where is Ngozi?
Busayo: she left early.
Me: to where?
Busayo: she don’t tell me.
I called her number…….
Me: hello
Ngozi: yes.
Me: where are you?
Ngozi: I’m not far from hostel.
Me: I said where are you?
Ngozi: I went to meet Chief.
Me: hmmm! Just becareful okay?
Ngozi: abeg na wetin now!
Me: okay, sorry!
I hang the call…..imagine how this girl talk to me!
Busayo: what does she said.
Me: she went to meet Chief. Busayo: I guessed so.
Me: she’s toying with fire! I went in to bath.

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