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When we ate finished, I summoned both of them again…….
Me: am sorry for not telling you this all this while. But I thank God that I remembered eventually. I hoped I should direct my words to Ng….
Ngozi: (interrupted) don’t even try to mention my name!
Busayo: let listen to her. She said she forgot.
Ngozi: do you think I’m foolish like Busayo? Look! I understand all your plot but remember that it wasn’t you that eventually linked me to Chief. I can vividly see now that chief did nothing wrong to you. You just wanted to use my head to dupe and kill this nice man. But your secret has leaked. I will marry that chief and nothing bloody liar like you can do to stop me. RUBISH!……….
Busayo: I don’t even know what to say again.
Ngozi: if you like sit down there and be listening to this liar. I’m out of this s--t.
She walked away……..
Me: let those who have ear hears, will you follow her as well because I owe you no appology again?
Busayo: hmmm! This is incredible but I believed all what you said after all.
Me: thanks for that. I want to have a siesta.
Busayo: okay.
Ngozi did not talk to me all through that night.
The following day Femi sent the remaining thirty thousand to my
account. I called him to show appreciation. I also told him that I will be expecting him soonest.
So some days later, I was coming back from campus
to our hostel. when It’s few poles to my hostel I saw a jeep in front of it. I started asking myself, who can park the jeep? Can it be Ngozi or Chief??
To be sure of myself I called Busayo…..
Me: hello where are you?
Busayo: I was in hostel.
Me: I saw a jeep who owns it?
Busayo: Chief.
Me: okay. I thought as much. I will hide some where till when he leaves.
Busayo: okay.
I later called Femi………
Me: hello!
Femi: yes?
Me: how your day?
Femi: why asking (in tempting voice)?
Me: dear it’s me now Princess.
Femi: Temmy or Princess?
I hung up the call immediately to check maybe I dialled a wrong number.
No! The number is correct
now. What could have happened? How does he got to know my real name? Can Ngozi did this to me? No! What have I done to deserve this from her??
I called him again…….
Femi: what happened again? abi you had another accident?
Me: hon……
Femi: if you ulter that word! Wrath of God will fall upon you instantly.
Me: what’s my offence?
He hung up instantly.
What might wrong with this guy?
I texted this message to him.
“My heart, what have I done wrong which made you behaved like this to me? I love you from beneath of my heart. Acting this way is giving me a head ache.
Please tell me my offence so that I can make correction. Please for God sake talk to me”
Ten minutes later, he called…….
Femi: hello!
Me: yes dear.
Femi: I’m sorry for acted that way the other time. I love you with all my heart and nothing I can’t do for you. But a friend of yours called me today. She told
me that you are a scammer. She added that all you told me were lie. She conclusively said your pictures on facebook and names are not yours. So that’s why I acted that way.
Me: what’s her name?
Femi: she didn’t tell me.
Me: don’t mind her! She always envied the way you took care of me.
Femi: I thought as much dear. I’m sorry!
Me: thanks for understanding.
Femi: I will call you back later.
Hmmm! So who amongst my friend could do this to me?
Ngozi will be responsible for this I conclusively thought.
Twenty minutes later, they drove out of the hostel so I rushed in.
To be continued!


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