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when I got inside, I met Busayo eating spag…….
Busayo: welcome how was Campus?
Me: stressful.
Busayo: is that why you look dull?
Me: you can’t believe Ngozi called Femi.
Busayo: for what?
Me: she told Femi all my secret of being a scammer.
Busayo: that’s too bad of her. How could she do such a reckless and traitory act.
Me: I just want you to know so don’t tell her anything.
Busayo: why? after all we are friends.
Me: don’t just tell her okay?
Busayo: okay I won’t. So
what did Femi say?
Me: he almost lose interest in me but thank God he later took it as a mere blackmailing.
Busayo: how?
Me: I told him that my friend is just envy me.
Busayo: and he believed?
Me: yes.
Busayo: love is not only blind but also crazy.
Me: (laughing)abi now. did you left any for me?
Busayo: yea.
Me: I’m hungry.
Busayo: it’s in kitchen.
Me: I’m coming let me go and get the food.
I came back later……
Busayo: what of my share now?
Me: I will give you fifteen thousand tomorrow.
Busayo: you’re too much my friend. Let me gist you this.
Me: what’s it?
Busayo: it seemed that Ngozi have told Chief about you. So I suspected that Chief may be after your life.
Me: this girl want to ruin me totally but it’s a lie.
Busayo: you better act fast.
Me: I will move out of this
hostel tomorrow.
Busayo: to where?
Me: Clarion hostel.
Busayo: I don’t know the place now.
Me: anytime you want to visit me I will direct you.
Busayo: okay no problem.
Me: where is Ngozi and Chief going to?
Busayo: it will be chief house. I’m sure she can’t come home today.
Me: no problem then. I will leave as early as possible tomorrow so if she ask about my where about, tell her you don’t know.
Busayo: no problem.
I log in to facebook….
I changed my status to “thank God for my life, am now fully recovered”
Three minutes later, Femi joined me online.
Femi: hi my darling!
Me: yes sweetheart.
Femi: welcome back.
Me: thanks for your undiluted love and support.
Femi: can you upload your recent pictures?
Me: you promised me that you are coming next week, so you will see your wife.
Femi: okay darling.
Me: anything for your baby?
Femi: my heart for you.
Me: thanks darling. I will be right back.
Femi: okay waiting for you.
I switched to my real facebook account.
I saw a friend request and message from one handsome guy. I accepted the request and his message read thus:
Salam Hajiah, I think I saw you some weeks ago at a friend party. Please I will like to know you more probably we can establish a friendship. Thanks.”
When I checked through his profile I was infatuated. So I replied him like this.
Walekun salam, thanks for the complement. Your face truly looked familiar as well but don’t really know where we met. No problem about being a friend. Infact, I’m happy to be your friend.
He later asked for my number which I gave him.
The following day I moved down to clarion hostel.
Clarion: how you doing?
Me: I’m good.
Clarion: why this early in the morning?
Me: I’ve told you everything so once bitten twice shy.
Clarion: we must treat that girl f--k up.
Me: Chief will treat it.
My only concerned now is about chief.
Clarion: how?
Me: she might have told him everything I told her.
Clarion: rest assured nothing will happen to you.
Me: okay oo. Has that your magga paid?
Clarion: you mean Harrison?
Me: yes.
Clarion: he sent $2000.
Me: wahoo! That’s good.
Clarion: out of $5000 I demanded.
Me: just take that one. Richard is another thing entirely.
Since when he promised to send $1000, he hasn’t send it.
Clarion: you mean it?
Me: yes.
Clarion: I will help you chat with him don’t worry. “Oku
iya e ni o de masin”

To be continued!


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