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I met one handsome guy on facebook today. The guy is muah!
Clarion: on which of your accounts?
Me: real account.
Clarion: so?
Me: I fall for him.
Clarion: you better be careful. You remembered I told you about lover boys on facebook initially. Don’t fall victim.
Me: if he try anything funny, I will let him know am also a professional. But to be sincere this guy is handsome.
Clarion: okay o.
Me: I will be back let me pick my BB inside.
Clarion: Temmy! Temmy!! You have a call.
Me: okay.
I came out to pick the call. This is the guy am talking about.
Me: hello!
Afolabi: hi Temmy.
Me: how you doing?
Afolabi: fine and you?
Me: good.
Afolabi: where are you living currently?
Me: I am in my hostel.
Afolabi: which school is that?
Me: Fountain university.
Afolabi: that’s very good.
Me: and you?
Afolabi: I lived in Ayekale.
Me: that’s not far from here now.
Afolabi: yes. Can you permit me to visit you?
Me: highly welcome anytime you are free.
Afolabi: thanks.
Me: you welcome.
He ended the call after chatting for a while……….
Clarion: but you just gave him all your details?
Me: he may be the guy I have been waiting for.
Clarion: so?
Me: you can’t understand how I’m feeling now.
Clarion: okay miss lover girl abeg go and tune in the radio let listen to U and Mr couple program.
Me: hmmm! You made me remembered my favourite program every friday “Jumuat Mubaraq” anchoring by him as well.
Clarion: I guessed that is a religious program?
Me: yes now.
Clarion: alright. I really enjoyed the topic he treated last week.
Me: what’s it?
Clarion: “be your boss”.
Me: that means I missed a lot.
Clarion: I recorded it with my midget so you can listen to it later in the night.
Me: thanks my correct friends.
Clarion: brb!
The dream I had that night sent cold shiver down my spine. I was sleeping when my dad woke me up.
He began with questions
Dad: What’s our essence of creation as written in both sciptures especially Qur’an?
Me: To worship Him alone and never depart from His words.
Dad: good. Can you tell me some of His words?
Me: we should endeavor to do good and enjoy other to do the same, we should stay away from all short of attrocities.
Dad: (he turned his back to me) Temilade!
Me: yes dad.
Dad: haven’t you departed from God words? Haven’t you made a costly mistakes? Haven’t you jeopardize the legacy I left behind? Haven’t you soils my good names?
Haven’t you kept God away from your life?
I became shivering, worried and nerve as his questions struck me like a thunder.
Despite I was in air-conditioned room, my pajamas was soaked in sweat when I woke up shouting Daddy! Daddy!!…………….
Clarion: what happened?
Me: Clarion please have I not committed a grave sins?
Clarion: what did you mean?
Me: I don’t observe my prayers any more nor reciting the holy book. All I fond of now is duping yet we called it “ADVANCED CHATTING”.
Clarion: you’ve started again abi?
Me: haaa! Have disappointed my father.
Clarion: won ti get re pada!
Me: hmmm(sigh), I’m doomed. I don’t know when I started crying, I cried for almost twenty minutes before I couldfought it back.
Clarion: you better stop all this your yeye cry.
I sluggishly entered bathroom to shower since its almost dawn. After which I did ablution to observe my Solat.
Thirty minutes later, a call came from Busayo……
Me: hello!
Busayo: how you doing?
Me: am good.
Busayo: did you speak with Ngozi?
Me: no, what happened?
Busayo: since two days now she didn’t come home.
Me: then call her.
Busayo: her number is not going through.
Me: okay, what do you want me to do now?
Busayo: so far you know chief house, please let go and check her.
Me: what? I can’t!
Busayo: we can’t leave her just like that either.
Me: if you are so much concerned about her then go to Radio station.
Busayo: but…….
Me: but what? Okay I can text his address to you.
Busayo: okay.
I hang up the phone.
About twenty minutes to hour of 9:00 GMT, I heard an alert on my phone from bank. When I checked it, it was two hundred thousand from Femi.
I called him……
Femi: hello dear!
Me: yes dear. Good morning.
Femi: morning how was your night?
Me: good. I saw the money you transferred to my account.
Femi: yes.
Me: what for?
Femi: when I come we will use the money.
Me: that too much.
Femi: it’s nothing. We will use part of it to lodge in a suitable hotel.
Me: thanks my love. I will be expecting you very soon.
Femi: alright! I’m at work now. So I’ll call you later.
Me: okay, bye.
Clarion: who is that?
Me: my first fish.
Clarion: Femi abi?
Me: yes. He sent 200K to my account.
Clarion: for?
Me: he wanted to come next week.
Clarion: that means your last supper.
Me: yea. So what’s the next thing now?
Clarion: you will remove your sim card and block him from your facebook account or deactivate the account totally.
Me: you mean there won’t be problem after doing that?
Clarion: yes.
Me: okay ooo, because I’m not even interested in all this rubbish again.
Clarion: rubbish you said?
Me: yea, what we are doing is not please God.
Clarion: have heard you.
“Femi used fifth law of power for me which says “know how to lure your enemy, if possible use a bait”.
My end is near though I’m ready to face it!
To be continued


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