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I stood up wandering around the room with great regret over my actions, as my father’s questions kept poping up in my mind.
Clarion: what’s the matter with you?
Me: hmmm!
Clarion: what is bothering you now? I have been here for almost five minutes watching you.
Me: I embarked on revenge adventure. I decided to make every men to pay for just a man wrong. Hmmm! How nemesis will not catch up with me?
Clarion: you did what’s is right okay!
Me: right you said? I personally knew what I did is
ungodly but circumstance pushed me to this sinful
act. Had I know! I would have leave Chief for God
Clarion: look! No body has gone to heaven and come
back. So why are you bothering yourself about
heaven when you’ve never enjoy this world to the
Me: what shall be my benefit in the hereafter?
Clarion: Hereafter? then let me continue with Femi deals.
Moreover let me go and catch the money he sent last.
Me: pardon! Which money?
Clarion: I think its unclean money so let me have it.
Me: you are a thief!
Clarion: (laughing) what of you Yahoo Alhaja?
Me: I’m no more interested in this again.
Clarion: then refund his money.
Me: how that will be possible? That’s my gain and I believed God will forgive me.
Clarion: hmmm! Forgive?
Me: Monsha Allah (if God wishes).
As from that day, I threw away those sims and blocked all my facebook accounts except the real one.
Since I had almost one hundred and seventy thousand in my account before he sent that two hundred thousand. I decided to withdraw all the money to start a business.
The following day, I called Busayo to follow me to
Me: hello!
Busayo: you are so heartless!
Me: for what?
Busayo: haven’t you heard that Ngozi corpse was found
somewhere this morning?
Me: Haaaaa! Inalilahi wahina ilehi rojiun (from Him we came and to him we shall surely return). I don’t know now.
Busayo: I just heard it also.
Me: this girl eventually lost her life. What a pity!
Busayo: I also warned her but she did not heed to my words.
Me: what more? Baawi fomo eni agbo ba soro fomo eni agba, awigbo, agboogba lopa omo Ibo yi. What a calamity to her parent!
What step have you take? Busayo: I have reported to De Champion Youth Movement president for legal steps.
Me: are they law enforcement agency?
Busayo: I’m afraid of being detained in police cell. That’s why I reported to them since they’re activist.
Me: okay oo. I called you for another thing.
Busayo: what’s that?
Me: I want you to follow me to bank today.
Busayo: no problem let meet at the junction to our hostel.
Me: alright o. Don’t get bored for that Ashawo girl.
Busayo: this is too painful!
Me: that’s feedback of her reckless act and that should be a warning to you as well. Let meet in the next thirty minutes.
Clarion: who died?
Me: that naughty Ngozi.
Clarion: so she finally endup as an element of atonement.
Me: I warned her severally but she wave it off base on
her parochial and egocentric interest. I just pray that may Allah give her parent the heart to bear the loss.
Clarion: so what do we do concerning chief Abiodun now?
Me: I will try to be a witness against him when his case eventually charge to court of law.
Clarion: do you think they will not bury this case?
Me: murderer case?
Clarion: and so f-----g what? When there is money
forget about murderer!
Me: I will try my best to make sure he was prosecuted.
Clarion: God will strength you.
Me: amen. I’m off to bank.
Clarion: okay, I don’t mind some snacks.
Me: alright brb.
Along the road Afolabi called me…..
Me: hello handsome guy.
Afolabi: am fine angel. Where are you now?
Me: I’m on my way to bank.
Afolabi: oh!
Me: what’s it?
Afolabi: I wanted to pay a surprise visit to you today.
Me: give me some minutes.
Afolabi: okay. Like how many minutes?
Me: thirty minutes or there about.
Afolabi: okay, thanks.
The story continued


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