The story titled "TEMILADE" was written
for your great pleasures to learn more
from episodes of life.
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When I get to the junction, I don’t see Busayo. I called her number and she kept telling me am almost there. Fifteen minutes later, she joined me and we took a bike down to bank.
Due to the amount of money I wanted to withdraw, I can’t use automated teller machine(ATM). I begged her to follow me inside but she said she wanted to see someone near the bank. I hurriedly went inside to empty my account.
On getting inside, when i saw the number of people on que I have to tell one of queer to keep a space for me. I sat on one of their official leather chair and made myself comfortable. Five minutes
later, my phone vibrate so I went outside to pick the call……
Me: hello!
Caller: yes.
Me: who is this?
Caller: I’m I speaking with Temmy?
Me: yes.
Caller: Femi is on the line.
Me: hearing this, my heart beat faster, I hang up the call immediately. I was imagining how he was able to get my number when he called back again.
Me: am sorry it’s network.
Femi: okay. Where are you now?
Me: who told you I’m bearing Temmy?
Femi: don’t worry about that. Where are you?
Me: I’m in campus.
Femi: what happened to your number and why did you deactivated your facebook account?
Me: I lost my phone yesterday and I don’t know who hacked my account.
Besides that, who gave you this number?
Femi: don’t worry! Hope you are preparing for my arrival?
Me: yes.
Femi: bye dear.
Me: alright.
What’s going on? Who is behind this?? Who might have told Femi all this after all this naughty girl is dead now???
But who else can give him my personal number???? Series of question ran through my mind which I found answer to none. I later concluded that no matter what it takes I will prove to him am smarter.
Due to this fact, I came out of bank to get recharge card so that I can update Busayo and Clarion.
Me: please give me #200 recharge card.
Card seller: excuse me!
Me: yes?
Card seller: are you not Temmy?
Me: yes?
Card seller: I thought as much. Sorry for the death of your friend!
Me: thanks.
Card seller: people were saying you knew the cause of her death.
Me: how do you mean?
Card seller: they said you knew the chief that use her for money.
Me: hmmm!
Card seller: so president of DCYM[De
champion youth movement] has reported you to police station as a prime suspect.
Me: what??
Card seller: yes.
Me: what can I do now?
Card seller: go and tell the police everyything you knew about her death.
Me: thanks a lot!
I boarded a taxi instantly to the said police station leaving the issue of withdrawing. Along the road I called Busayo…….
Me: hello.
Busayo: are you through?
Me: no. I’m on my way to police station.
Busayo: for what?
Me: about Ngozi death.
Busayo: hmmm!
Me: don’t worry I will be okay.
Busayo: alright.
I entered the station to tell them everything I knew concerning the incident…..
Me: good morning here.
Constable: yes what can we do for you?
Me: I came here to report a murderer case.
Constable: sit down let me go and inform DPO.
Me: thanks!
Five minutes later…….
Constable: follow me DPO wanted to see you.
I followed him down to DPO office.
DPO: hello young lady!
Me: yes sir.
DPO: my boy said you have a vital information to give us?
Me: yes sir.
DPO: have your seat.
Me: thanks!
He took his tape recorder…..
DPO: what’s your name.
Me: Temilade
DPO: ok, continue I’m listening.
Me: some months ago, I met a man by name Abiodun. He proposed to marry me which I agreed. He spent for me
very well. Some weeks later, he said his uncle wanted to see me in their village. When we got there I discovered that he planned with his herbalist to sacrifice me to his money deity(Orisa Aje). I got to know this through one of his herbalist boy. I later escaped from his trick.
Some months later, this same man picked my friends in a club house. I warned them to stay away from this man, but she(Ngozi) turned deaf hear. Not until I heard her death this morning.
To be continued!


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