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He listened attentively to all my narrations though with disbelief.
DPO: this is serious. Why didn’t you report to us then?
Me: since I don’t have any evidence to back up my claims, I decided to share it with my friends then.
DPO: what’s your evidence on this?
Me: my friemd Busayo can bear witness as well as some of my other friends.
DPO: who is the man you are even talking about?
Me: Chief Abiodun Oluwalogbon.
DPO: which Oluwalogbon?
Me: the CEO of ASA T global investment.
DPO: that philanthropist?
Me: yes. He’s a wolf in sheep fur.
DPO: how did you so sure that he was the one that killed
your friend?
Me: am very sure. Just try to investigate the matter.
DPO: hmmm! What of if it’s mere plot?
Me: I’m very sure sir.
DPO: and you said is Chief?
Me: take a look at this sir (I gave him my phone to view pictures we took together).
DPO: hmmm this is incredible! Thank God we still have some people like you who can boldly come out to address a serious crime like
this. Not minding the bad impression people had about police force.
Me: initially I don’t want to come here but my conscience did not allow me(I lied who won’t fear them).
DPO: thank you so much.
Me: yes sir.
DPO: Sergeant! Sergeant!! Sergeant Dipo!!!
Dipo: yes sir!
DPO: arrange your boys we need to arrest Chief Oluwalogbon over the death of that young lady.
Dipo: yes sir!
DPO: you may leave but drop your number at canter in case we need any information.
Me: alright sir.
The way DPO behaved looked suspicious, as I came
out of his office I stayed at the door to eavesdrop. Five minutes later DPO made a call…..
DPO: hello Chief.
DPO: there was a young lady that came here this morning. She claimed she knew you as well as the corpse dumped at Oloti junction yesterday.
Chief: what’s her name?
DPO: Temilade.
Chief: that was the girl I said she escaped the other time.
DPO: she said something of that nature trully.
Chief: —————–
DPO: sir, do you truly involved?
Chief: ——————
DPO: then we have to meet later in the evening.
Chief: ——————.
DPO: Chief! Chief!! Alright sir, I trust you.
This girl is daring the whole chief hmmm (laughing).
As much as I remained DPO of this division, nothing will happened.
When I heard this, I was bit shocked about his last statement. I quickly left the vicinity of the station. What can I do now? Eehehe! Hmmm! Let me inform Clarion…
Me: hello clarion.
Clarion: yes how are you?
Me: I’m in danger now!
Clarion: what happened?
Me: I went to police station to report Ngozi death to them but unfortunately they are after my life now.
Clarion: what? You mean they are working with Chief?
Me: yes.
Clarion: join me now. I will call Bukola immediately.
Me: who is Bukola?
Clarion: he’s SP(superitendent of police).
Me: I will join you in the next fifteen minutes.
I took a bike and told him to speed up as much as possible. In less than ten minutes, I got home.
Clarion: welcome.
Me: yea.
Clarion: he will join us soon. Hope you knew his house?
Me: yes.
Clarion: just relax.
Minutes later, a team of policemen arrived at Clarion hostel.
Clarion: welcome.
SP: where is the lady?
Me: I’m the one sir.
SP: get inside the car.
Me: yes sir.
SP: I will call you Clarion.
Clarion: alright.
Me: I looked clarion face with a worried face due to the way the guy acted.
Clarion: relax there won’t be any problem!
We drove out of the hostel as students trooped out to take a look at scenario……
SP: where exactly is that man house?
Me: Olohunlogbon estate.
SP: Corporal hope you heard what she said?
Corporal: yes sir.
About forty minutes later we approached his house.
Gateman: what happened?
SP: is chief at home?
Gateman: NO!
SP: are you crazy? Do you think I came here to joke?
One of them cork his gun……
Gateman: (shaking) he’s inside I beg don’t shoot me.
SP: you, you and you follow me.
Some minutes after, Chief was brought out with handcuffed.
Me: can you see now that not all the policemen take bribe.
He looked me like a worthless being.
Chief: which division you came from that you can’t even give me my due respect?
SP: you have the right o keep your mouth shut because
whatever you said here would be use against you in the court of law.
Chief: but….bu…..
SP: go inside the car.
I was droped at the junction and chief was took to SAS office.
To be continued!


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