Putin Declares War on Rap Music...Gives Shocking Reasons

Putin Declares War on Rap Music

Russian President, Vladimir Putin is of the supposition that rap and hip-hop have
become uncontrollably famous among Russian youth, and that the lyrics are defiant, notice tranquilizes and incorporate many swear words.

The Strict President mused about banning the music outright but then suggested instead he might try to control it.

“If it is impossible to stop, then we need to lead, and in an appropriate way, direct” rap and hip-hop, Mr. Putin told a council of his cultural advisers, gathered this weekend in St. Petersburg to discuss state support for the arts.

Mr. Putin noted that rap was based on “three pillars: se-x, drugs and protest,” and said he was most worried about the drugs. “That is a path to degrading the nation,” he said.

Source - NY Times


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