WHAT?? R*pist Impregnates 12yrs Old Girl In Lagos, Seeking For Settlement

An alleged  r*pist, Nwanne Nwaora, who impregnated his neighbor's 12-year-old
girl, on Monday, moved toward a Lagos State High Court to request an out-of-court settlement.

Nwaora' advise, Worer Obuagbaka, asked that the case, which is in its beginning period, ought to be settled out of court in light of a legitimate concern for the little child conceived because of the demonstration.

He added that Nwaora had decided to enter into a plea bargain agreement with the Lagos State Ministry of Justice.

He said, “If he is sentenced to life imprisonment, the interest of the newborn child will be in jeopardy. If the case is settled out of court and the defendant is asked to take care of the newborn child as well as the defiled victim (complainant), that is enough punishment.

“It will also be in the interest of the newborn child, who will go through trauma, knowing that her father is languishing in jail. I will like to request an adjournment to enable us to interact with the relations of the victim so that the defendant will be made to take care of the newborn child and the defiled child by an order of this court.”

Reacting to Obuagbaka’s plea, the prosecution counsel, Y. G. Oshoala, insisted that Nwaora must lawfully pay for his alleged actions.

He said, “Contrary to the submission of the learned defence counsel, two witnesses, the victim and her mother, are in court and I learnt that they have been to court on seven or more occasions; the victim is presently on school holiday.

“The defendant defiled a 12-year-old child and another child was produced from that act.

“Rather, the defendant should plead guilty and during the allocutus, the defence counsel should bring up the points he is canvassing.

“The defendant cannot have his cake and eat it. He has destroyed the life of another person, who is just starting life. He should take the legal responsibility for his actions. The defendant should plead guilty and face the consequences.

“This is a serious issue and not one that should be taken lightly, because this defendant is unrepentant and has not even shown any remorse.”


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