Amidst the Alleged Suicide of Dj Xgee, "Are We Part Of The Problem?" Vector Asks

Some few hours back, we lost a reputable Nigerian D.J to suicide. An
awakening to the fact that the rate of suicide in Nigeria is on the rise and there is a lot to be asked about it.
Against this backdrop, philosophical Nigerian rapper, Vector Tha Viper, after he paid tribute to the late D.J raised some very 'important' questions and we feel the OB fam should reflect on it.

Really, how easy do you draw conclusions without getting enough knowledge about somebody/something?

How easy is it for you to castigate people for who they are or who you think they are?

Have you ever given it a thought that you might be part of the suicidal problem? .
Amidst the Alleged Suicide of Dj Xgee  Are We Part Of The Problem Vector Asks

We all need to reflect and be better..#sigh


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