Amidst The Rising Issue of Depression and Suicide, Omawunmi Shares Her Story

Most times everyone has a devil they are fighting but we try to keep up with the
'smile', because it's what the society tells us to do, so it's important to be careful about how we treat people.
In the space of the rising case of depression and suicide/suicidal thoughts, iconic singer, Omawunmi has come out to talk about her phase, how she battled with it and how she healed from depression.

Of all the things she said, OB Fam, did you notice she said 'the love of her loved ones healed her,' even though she didn't open up to them? This equals to the fact that because her close people choose to always put a smile on her face (not knowing she is actually fighting a demon by herself) she was able to fight her demon and won!

# There are times everyone will get their low, you really can't escape it OB Fam. These are times we tend to doubt ourselves or our purpose of existence, however, when love is constantly shown to us by our loved ones, it makes us feel important, appeases our soul to realise that we actually equally to 'something' and we are 'loved'.
Amidst The Rising Issue of Depression and Suicide, Omawunmi Shares Her Story

Also, ACCEPTANCE is essential, be open-minded to life, realise that it's 'okay' to fall, to fail, to be sad. It doesn't make you less human, and the focus should be on getting up and being better instead of wallowing in it.
Lastly, the LOVE goes both ways, don't stop GIVING the love even when you need it, you really don't know what the next person is facing, people smile these days and are totally worn out on the inside.


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