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“Happiness is the best revenge, because nothing drives your enemy more insane than seeing you smiling and living a good life”. If you want your enemies to have shocker of their life, strive to be successful.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Busayo, my best friend in university running like an escapee because of #150.
I adjusted my shade for proper recognition but she couldn’t identify me.
Adejoke looked her with pity said you can have the change.
Busayo: Thanks(She kneel down). She turned back to leave, I told Adejoke to call her back. She rushed back.
Busayo: yes ma.
I gave her another five thousand. She started praying for me like just repented sinner.
When she’s about to leave I called her name, Busayo!
She turned back staring at me. I removed my spectacles and looked directly into her eyes. When she saw me, she was shivering and sweating like someone dying of chronic malaria.
Me: so you can be doing a sale girl?
Busayo: (crying) I’……….m so- so- rry!
Me: sorry? You the bride of Femi!
Busayo: (shaking her head) please forgive me.
Me: well, God has proved Himself to me. This is my card you can call me anytime because I’m in hurry right now.
Adejoke: who is she?
Me: my friend just relax I will explain to you. We left the shoprite to Prison.
Along the road……………
Adejoke: Temmy! who is that girl?
Me: that’s my friend that set me up.
Adejoke: the one that led you to prison?
Me: yes.
Adejoke: oh no! You still gave her money? Turn back let me deal with her.
Me: (smiling) God has dealt with her already can’t you see how see looked.
Adejoke: you f--k-up big time, I would have molested her there.
Me: that means we don’t appreciate God in our lives.
Adejoke: you and this sermon sha!
Me: B’olohun bati gbeja eda kin loluwa re tun binusi?
Adejoke: hmmm! You spoke well.
After some minute we arrived at prison. I went to their reception.
Me: hello ma!
Receptionist: you welcome.
Me: please we brought this little thing for the
Receptionist: oh! may God bless you ma.
Me: please i need your assistance.
Receptionist: what is it?
Me: please I want to see a wardress named
Receptionist: Adebimpe?
Me: yes.
Receptionist: no wardress is bearing such name here.
Me: she was tall robust and fair in complexion.
Receptionist: since my ten years in service here I never see or hear such name.
Since I don’t want her to identify me as an ex-prisoner I bade her goodbye. When I got to the car……
Adejoke: have you seen the woman?
Me: the receptionist said no one was bearing that name.
Adejoke: Mrs Adebimpe ma ni?
Me: yes now.
Wait I will be back let me also check. She came back 5 minutes later with the same story.
Me: this is incredible!
Adejoke: it is mysterious.
Me: please go and drive I can’t drive again.
Adejoke: I don’t really understand this.
As I was about to open the car door I looked back, I saw the woman coming toward us.
I tapped Adejoke to look back. We both rushed to meet her but she disappeared.
Me: Joke I’m I dreaming?
Adejoke: this is terrible o.
Me: I saw her coming now.
Adejoke: I also saw her now.
At the scene of arguing we started feeling cold.
When this is happening, I remembered the story that my father told me about the yoruba believe of “AKUDA”. I told Joke to go inside the car.
To Be Continued.


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