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We waited for almost 30 minutes before I could ignite the engine.
Adejoke: what can you infer from what just happened?
Me: that woman is a ghost.
Adejoke: you are very correct but who could she be?
Me: that’s my area of confusion.
Adejoke: what can we do now?
Me: let drive down to my Ustaz house. I’m very sure he will explain everything to us.
Adejoke: alright.
After about forty five minutes steady speed, we arrived his house.
Me: asallam alaikun(peace be upon you)!
Ustaz: waleqi salam(peace be upon you too)……………..ha! ha! Hadiza, come in.
Me: naam(yes sir). We entered his sitting room.
I want to do Istikhara (findings).
Ustaz: naam(alright)
He brought out his rosary and asked me to take one from it. He recited some verses in Qur’an and later said:
you are confused about a particular thing?
Me: yes.
Ustaz: Allahu akbar(God is great)! According to what I saw, the woman in question is truly dead.
Adejoke: how Alfa?
Ustaz: the woman did what she do to save her only child.
Me: hmmm! This is incredible Alfa.
Ustaz: Hadiza God really good to you because it was revealed to me that through this woman in question you was rescued.
Me: its true Alfa.
Adejoke: can she be my mummy or maryam’s mum?
Me: let ask Alfa. Please help us to confirm sir?
Ustaz: what’s your name?
Adejoke: I’m Joke.
He recited another verse and said: she’s the one.
Adejoke could not hide her feelings, she cried bitterly. After much of consolation, she wiped her face.
Adejoke: please Alfa how can I see my mummy family?
Ustaz: sister Joke the time is almost here. When God will perfect His will in your life. All you have to do is
three days of intensive prayers and fasting. On the last day, make sure
you give alms to the needy especially beggars.
Me: thanks so much Alfa may Allah strength you more and more.
Ustaz: amin. Hadiza make sure you forgive those that have erred you so that God will double your blessing in multitude. Masalam(remain bless)!
Joke was bit happy when she heard what Alfa told her.
Before we could get home its almost three hours later due to traffic congestion.
Gateman: welcome ma.
Me: thank you Chukwudi. what about my mum?
Gateman: which one be your mum?
Adejoke: are you crazy the woman we brought in the morning before we went out.
Gateman: I think say she be our new cleaner?
Me: Joke leave him let go inside.
Dupe: welcome ma.
Adejoke: how are you?
Dupe: I’m fine.
Adejoke: what about mum?
Dupe: she’s in living room watching TV.
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Me: what did you cook for us?
Dupe: pounded yam and vegetable.
Me: Ok, take this bag to my room.
We went to living room.
Adejoke: Salam alaykum ma! I was surprised for hearing it from Joke being the first time.
Mum: walaeki salam.
Adejoke: did I get it?
Me: yes my friend.
Mum: you are welcome how was your journey?
Adejoke: fine ma. Hope you enjoy your day ma?
Mum: yes dear, Dupe was such a nice girl.
Me: that’s she for you.
Adejoke: what about Biodun and others.
Mum: they are in swimming pool.
Me: okay.
Mum: Clarion called me.
Me: what does she say?
Mum: she said she went to prison last week to check you. Haven’t you told her you are out?
Me: yes.
Mum: but why?
Me: I will explain later ma. Give me her number.
Mum: check it on my phone.
Me: ok, we want to eat now.
Mum: this film was so interesting.
Adejoke: oh OWO KISUN abi?
Mum: yes.
Me: the producer was such a wonderful writer.
Adejoke: he was endowed.
We are coming ma.
To Be Continued.


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