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After taking our lunch I asked my mum whether she like newly rented apartment which she was very happy about.
I told her that I will arrange for their packing latest next weekend. She appreciated me so much before
driver took them back.
I later dialed Clarion number to hear from her……….
Me: hello Clarion!
This is EFCC office, the owner of this phone was apprehended an hour ago via ATM machine. Meanwhile, if you need more info you can come to our office here in Lagos.
Hmmmm! So, no matter how clever someone in bad act nemesis will surely catch up. What can I do now to safe this helpless girl (I Murmured)?
I was thinking of the way out when a client of ours called me that we’ve been granted a contract of seventy million naira.
I shouted Alhamudulilah to show my appreciation to God!
Adejoke: (banged in the door) what happened?
Me: the contract of Afo & co construction company was awarded to us eventually.
Adejoke: oh thank you God. My friend this called for celebration.
Me: yes but have your seat.
Adejoke: hope no problem?
Me: Clarion was arrested some hours ago by EFCC via ATM machine.
Adejoke: what’s her offence?
Me: I told you before she’s into yahoo na.
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Adejoke: its true I remembered. What’s the way out?
Me: I will see lawyer tomorrow.
Adejoke: that will be better.
Me: I suggested we should start the fasting tomorrow.
Adejoke: yes my friend.
Me: I hoped its high time I teach you how to perform Solat.
Adejoke: yes I’m ready anytime.
Me: do you speak with Bright?
Adejoke: he called me some minutes ago.
Me: what can we do for that girl?
Adejoke: which girl?
Me: Busayo.
Adejoke: maybe we should just open a shop for her.
Me: that’s my thought as well.
Audu: good afternoon ma!
Me: Audu u don back.
Audu: I don back wallahi.
Adejoke: who ask you to come in self?
Me: leave him.
Audu: I kill am for road.
Me:what? Weting you kill??
Adejoke: talk now! Na wetin you killed?
Audu: (kneel down) madam please help me I don kill am patapata.
To Be Continued.


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