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*******************************we both throw glances on ourselves wondering what Audu has killed.
Me: relax, wetin you killed.
Audu: Bingo.
Adejoke: ha! ha!(Shaking her head) so because of Dog now you want to give us BP?
Me: I wondered o!
Bingo is our neighbor trained dog.
Audu: please na mistake forgive me da-Allah.
Adejoke: its okay.
Me: go and throw am for dustbin. I go go see mam Nkechi.
Audu: na gode madam! Na mistake o!
Adejoke: she said its okay.
Audu: yaowa madam.
When I got to office the following day, I summoned all the workers to a meeting. I addressed them thus:
I appreciate all of you for your support toward the upliftment of this company since I became the GM. I
also commend the effort of some diligent workers who handled the proposal of our just approved contract .
In addition, its my pleasure to tell you that this company has just won a contract of seventy million naira.
Secretary: a round of applause for our GM.
They all clapped their hands.
Secretary: on behalf of myself and my co-workers, we also appreciate your managerial function in this company. We give kudos to you for your mutual understandings and motivations all the time.We promised you that, We shall continue to give you maximum cooperation.
Another round of applause.
Me: thanks to you all. you can return to your duty post.
I later went to my office to treat some files. An hour later, I heard a knock on my door…………
Me: who is that?
Secretary ma.
Me: come inside.
Secretary: a lady named Busayo demanded to see you ma.
Me: let her come in.
Secretary: alright ma.
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Few minutes later she entered.
She kneel down begging for mercy.
Me: Busayo stop embarrassing me! Have your sit. That’s a bygone.
Busayo: let me remain like this. I offended you and your creature.
Me: you did it out of adamic nature and if you don’t do it, I may not be in this position today. Please for Allah’s sake have your seat.
Busayo: thank you Temmy.
Me: how about Femi?
Busayo: (crying) Femi is a wolf in animal skin. You can’t imagine what he did for me.
Me: stop crying!
Busayo: ha! Femi is wicked.
Another knock again!
Me: who is that?
Accountant ma.
Me: come in.
Accountant: I want you to check this voucher before proceeding.
Me: you may leave it on table. I will call you back in the next 30minutes.
You may continue.
Busayo:ha! Men are heartless.
To be continued.
At this point “I pray that God will elevate you just like the way God elevated Temilade over Busayo”. your
enemies will blame themselves for their bad attitude toward you. Your enemies will beg for mercy.


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