The story titled "TEMILADE" was written

for your great pleasures to learn
more from episodes of life.
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“Failure is an opportunity to begin again it’s only when you refuse to continue/move on you become a failure, so make a new shot”. Temilade failed but she kept her hope alive and she’s now a success.
Busayo: I just implore you to
forgive me so that God can forgive me.
Me: I have forgiven you but tell me what happened?
She sighed!
Busayo: I think God loves you if not, you would have been in another mysterious world but due to my egocentric behavior, I was replaced for you(she said with tears).
Me: please don’t talk in parable.
Busayo: three days after you was jailed, I asked him to take me to his parent since he proposed to marry me
which he promised to do.
A week later, he fixed the following day. Early in the morning, I called him to pick me up.
An hour later, I called him to know his where about; he told me his car developed a fault. He added that he was in mechanic shop.
3hours later, I called his number but not go through. Few minutes later, it was totally switched off. I started
thinking what might have happened. Throughout that day, I don’t see him.
Early in the morning the following day, his call woke me.
He asked me to prepare myself for the journey.
I asked the reason why he was unable to come yesterday. He said before they could fix the car it was late and he had battery low.
I believed all what he said and arranged my luggages.
I rushed down to market to get fruits to offer my parent inlaw.
An hour later, I was bit surprised when he called me to join him at junction. My ego could not let me think twice before I board a bus to the said junction.
We eventually started the journey. About 2hrs later we approached Ibadan. He parked at a restaurant
telling me to wait behind. 10mins later he brought a 5alive juice for me. I dranked it and that’s all I knew until the day I gave birth. Hmmm! Temilade human being are very wicked and cruel. My baby was pounded with black soap right in my presence.
Isale oro ma legbin pupo o(she shook her head).
Most people you see around with exotic cars are the regular customers of this den.
There are many departments such as suya department where human flesh is roasted for human consumption.
I was placed in department of baby production. I bored three babies before I escaped.
You’re reading Temilade season 2 written by Afolabi Sefiu Abiodun aka Mr Couple.
On one faithful day, I was asked to carry food to gateman. When I got
there, I seduced him to have sex with me. He fell victim and before he could wear his cloth, I locked his door and took the gate key. I took to my heel
running to unknown destination with ordinary bra and pant.
I ran from one bush to another.
When I got to a spot, I was so fatigued so I rested a bit.
When I looked my back I saw three decomposed humanbeing, I screamed with fear of being eventually died as well.
I stood up again running before I had gun shot POKA!


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