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Oro ooo!(I heard a man voice). Who could that be(I asked myself)?
It is gateman (a thought answered).
I took another race before I got to a spot that I don’t know where to head to again. I cried to the point that my voice was seized. Few hours later, I was bite by a snake on one of my leg.
I crawled from that spot before I eventually met a woman that rescued me. I spent three days before I could
move my body.
Temilade God really save you and
took revenge from me due to my greediness and my egoism. Hmmm! Before I returned home, I was told
my mother was hit by a car while hawking which she died at the spot. That’s how I became a sales girl in
that supermarket you saw me.
Haaa! Truly the ways of God is not the way of man”
so if you don’t do what you did I might have lost my life in such captivity.
Oh Allah I give you all the glory and honor for your kindness to me despite my inequity.
Temilade please forgive me said Busayo.
Me: who I’m I not to forgive you despite all these.
God is really wonderful. See Busayo I forgive you with all my heart and also pray to God to forgive both of us though we’ve learnt our lessons in bitter way.
I and my friend have planned to open a shop for you to sustain yourself.
Busayo: (kneel down) thank you so much may God elevate both of you more.
Me: Amen, So where are you living now?
Busayo: I was managing in my boss house.
Me: can i rent a self contain for you?
Busayo: I don’t know what to say than God will multiply your success in folds.
Me: amen. give me some minutes to treat this file so that we can go to an eatery together.
Busayo: I’m okay.
Me: are you not happy of being with me?
Busayo: more than happy! Infact you are my demi-God.
Me: Astagafurulahi(God forgive me) that’s a sin please stop it.
Busayo: ok.
Me: so will you wait?
Busayo: alright friend. There’s another confession I have to make.
Me: (looked surprised) confession??
Busayo: hmmm!(Looked depressed) yes.
Me: am listening!
Busayo: Chief Abiodun did not kill Ngozi.
Me: (I stood up with eagerness) then who killed her?
Busayo: a friend of mine introduced me to a group of yahoo guys. After some days, they asked me to get
them a pretty lady.
I told Ngozi which she accepted without knowing that seven of them do sleep with a single lady sequentially.
The following day, we went there. They gave me thirty thousand
and a hundred thousand to Ngozi.
I left them in the hotel.
Two days past, I don’t see Ngozi before I eventually heard her death on radio. I went to the person that
introduced me to them but she said she knew them just of recent. I want to report her to police station but Sade said we could be arrested as well.
Me: Haaaa! So what sweet rat eventually killed rat.
Well, I can’t blame you for that because that’s your job then which I warned you against. But nothing can
happen without the consent of God that’s her predestination. May God forgive all her sins and comfort her parent souls.
We both left the office to a nearby restaurant and had nice time.
I promised to send her the money following day into her account.
Just as we left the restaurant I received call from Maryam that we should come and pick her at airport.


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