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We gisted for almost fifteen minutes laughing out loud as Dupe entertained us with jokes.
Me: a thought came to my mind about the wardress that promised we would be release then.
*********Flash Back***********
Adejoke, Maryam and I were under a shaddy tree one day, discussing the attitude of some inmates. Adejoke shared how she nearly die to the hand of a rapist in the middle of night before a wardress safe her. Few minutes later, a wardress came to us; she sat in our midst as if she was inmate. She gave us lot of words of encouragement. Before she left she promised us that we would be release very soon. We took her for best comedian of the year not until the very first day we were released.
Adejoke: oh yes, I have even forgot.
Me: don’t you think we should go to appreciate her?
Adejoke: yes we owe her.
Me: I suggested we go next week Tuesday.
Adejoke: that will be very good. Lest I forget, Mr Tayo sent me to you.
Me: I have told him to stop bothering himself all I
need now is full concentration on my job.
Adejoke: Temilade you are not growing younger
anymore try to observe him, this guy really love you.
Me: ok I have heard you, I will look into it.
Adejoke: better you do.
Me: how is Mr Bright?
Adejoke: he’s fine o.
We later went to dinning table for our dinner. At around 12:30am I heard Adejoke screaming. I rushed
down to her room to inquire what happened. I met
Adejoke sweating like an athletic who just completed 300km race.
Me: what happened?
Adejoke: I had a terrible nightmare.
Me: what did you saw?
Adejoke: I saw myself pregnant, walking around a tree. Suddenly I saw
someone requesting for the pregnancy. I told him I can’t give him during this argument, he turned to a spirit and stretched his hand forth. Before I know it, the pregnancy disappeared.
Me: hmmm! This is terrible indeed. Let go and do ablution.
We went to bathroom for the ablution, we offered two rakat nafilat. We recited some Chapter in the Qur’an to avert any form of evils.
After an hour we went to my room and slept together. I woke very early the following day to observe my prayer after which I rushed down to
At 7:30am, I drove down to my mum
apartment. When she saw me, she started jumping up and down shouting Alhamudulilah.
My siblings are not exception I was nearly fell down because of the way they rushed to me. My mum later took me to her room.
Mum: my jewel, my darling how did you do it? Has your jail term completed?
Me: I will explain relax ma.
Mum: tell me please dear.
Me: I was released by Chief judge of this state on the basis I don’t know. Maybe Allah hears our prayers, I don’t know.
Mum: you mean you was given state pardon by chief Judge?
Me: yes mum.
Mum: Alhamudulilah! How great you are the most merciful and beneficent.
Me: Oluwaseun! Temilade has came back to take her family to greater height.
Mum: yes Alhamudulillah, when did they release you? why you don’t return home?
Me: I was released on january first with a friend of mine, she was the one that took me to her house infact I was currently working in her company as the general manager.
You’re reading Temilade Season 2 written by Afolabi Sefiu(Mr Couple), for more stories check here
Apart from that, how do you want me to return to a place where they thought I won’t return from jail like that?
Mum: who owns the car you brought?
Me: that’s my official car. My mum could not hide her joy as she embark in shedding
tears of joy……………….
Mum: how I wish your father is alive today! Alas, he suffered all through his lifetime.
me: stop crying mum God has answered your prayer
and long time fasting: fate is something you can’t change ma. One of article of faith in Qur’an is Destiny.
You can’t change it, that’s how God planned our lives.
Me: Abiodun! You and your sister Go and bring those bags in the car.
Mum: that your friend is such a nice person. She took good care of us during your stay there.
Me: you mean Clarion?
Mum: yes.
Me: may God reward her accordingly.
Mum: amen. where are you living now?
Me: I and the other friend of her were living in her house. I will come tomorrow to pick you so that I can show you the house I want to rent for you and where I’m living.
Mum: may you be more successful in whatever you lays your hands on.
Me: amen. I gave her twenty thousand for upkeep of the house.
I later collected Clarion number and left for my Alfa(arabic teacher) house.


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