The story titled "TEMILADE" was written
for your great pleasures to learn

more from episodes of life.
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on my way to his house, I stopped by to give alms to a beggar walking around the road when I heard someone calling my name. I looked back to gaze at the caller. I was very shocked to see Mr Adeniran, the randy master in my 100 level.
Mr Adeniran is such a lecturer that don’t care about the student’s future. He sexually abused
almost all his female students. He failed a boy then due to non-compliance of his girl friend to have sex with him without knowing that the boy is number two among the cultist members. A month later, his families was killed in cold-blooded . Not only that, his two legs was
crippled. Hmmm! Let remember law of “KARMA” in whatever we are doing. Mr Adeniran now became a street beggar on wheel barrow. It was so pathetic for where he led himself to. I gave him 3000 naira before I left
which made him to almost cursing while praying. Its good to do good. Beware of your shadow in all your doings because it will definitely hunt behind you.
When I got to his house, we exchanged greetings. I initially thought he knew what happened to me but his behaviour proved not. I explained Adejoke issue to him, after he offered prayer on it, he said: Hajia Hadiza your friend will be successful in life. WALLAHI (I swear by God’s name) she will be famous and wealthy but she can’t conceive or give birth. I asked him why?
He said, she was used for appeasement. I answered inquisitively by who? I don’t know that, but do you suspect anyone?
Yes, I said. Pick a rosary and mention the person’s name. I did so. After reciting some verses, he said you are right.
Haaaa! This girl is doomed Subuanallah. What’s
the way out? Unless that person die he said. I
thanked him and gave his wife five thousand before I left there.
I was on my way when Adejoke called to ask about my whereabouts? I told her I was coming from my mum place.
Adejoke: haaa! Why you don’t wake me to accompany you so that I can meet your mum?
Me: I will explain when I get home.
Adejoke: guess what happened?
Me: you know I’m not good in that.
Adejoke: Maryam just called me now that she will come back next week.
Me: that’s good(with happiness).
Adejoke: also, the boy has discovered my father new house.
Me: (cut in) yes?
Adejoke: but he said he was not living there.
Me: just relax we would definitely find him, I’m almost get there.
Adejoke: would you mind moinmoin and bread.
Me: its okay. All of a sudden, a lunatic just ran to my front. Screech! I applied brake……………….yeheeeeee!


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