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It took me seven minutes before I could balance the wheel.
I steamed down the engine to take a look at the lunatic because of his familiarity look. As I was moving toward him he started running away. Though I was unable to ascertain it but with mere gaze it was Chief Abiodun. Subuanallah! so no sinner could go unpunish? Allahu akbar(God is great). Had I know then, I would have submit to God to judge this wicked fellow. I entered my car back, drove home.
Adejoke: welcome how was mum and your siblings?
Me: they are all fine.
Adejoke: let go to dinning the food is ready.
Me: there is a lot to discuss Joke concerning your father.
Adejoke: hope no problem?
Me: yes, let go to dinning.
After we’ve done with the food we went back to living room.
Adejoke: can you explain to me now?
Me: you remember I told you about a ritualist that nearly use me before I was jailed?
Adejoke: yea.
Me: do you know that I saw that very man today?
Adejoke: (adjusting her posture) are you serious?
Me: oh yea.
Adejoke: what did you do then?
Me: what can I do for a lunatic?
Adejoke: lunatic? as he gone insane?
Me: yes.
Adejoke: God judgment is the best(shaking her head).
What do you have to say about my dad?
Me: hmmm! (Breathed heavily) I’m sorry the man is your father.
Adejoke: no! How possible is that?
Me: I had discovered that since the day you told me about him then in prison. but I don’t want to add more pains to your heart that’s why I kept it within myself. Chief Abiodun Olohunlogbon was the man that promised to marry me before I was discovered that he wanted to
sacrifice me to his money deity. I joined bad friends due to his immorality and cruel act.
Adejoke: (crying) why did I came through this man?
After appealing to her, she summoned her courage.
I can’t dispute what you said because a father that could rape his own daughter and sent her to prison to cover his mischievous act, what else he can’t do.
So he has ran mad now………………..hmmm!
The angel of revenge had eventually visited him. What a pity for wicked ones!
Me: stop crying because there is more to say.
Adejoke: (cleaning her eye ) yes I’m listening.
Me: your father raped you to appease his money deity, but God really love you for gotten pregnant if not you would have died after three months.
Adejoke: this man has ruined me totally oh what have I done to deserve this Lord?
Me: you better listen all we need now is the way out. So since you don’t died you can’t conceive unless your father die.
Adejoke: please help me what can we do?
Me: I don’t even know.
Adejoke: let send hire killer to him.
Me: Astagafurulah lana(may God forgive us) how dare you planning to kill your father? No, its against the command of God.
Adejoke: but why God allow him to did such to me in the first instance?
Me: watch your tongue because God deeds is beyond human faculty of reasoning.
You’re reading Temilade season 2, a story by Afolabi Sefiu. For more stories like my page
My prayer is that may God show us the way out.
Adejoke: amen but……..
Me: but what? You better let us hope in God or are we the one that rescued ourselves from prison?
Adejoke: no but I can’t continue like this.
Me: at appointed time, everything will be alright.
Adejoke: ok thanks my friend.
Me: let watch Mr couple programme.
Adejoke: oh its true am almost forgot.
Me: I love the guy so much, he was such a good presenter.
Adejoke: yea, he deserve an award.
To be continued.


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