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Hmmm! Now I realized the concept of God’s word that says “you will reap what you sow even if it as tiny as a microscopic object”. Temilade sowed a bad seed, she was eventually reaped it.
Chief Afolabi fire an arrow and covered himself forgetting that the omnipresent one is watching his back. Oh Allah! You are the Algafar(all-forgiving), you
are Ar-raman(the merciful) forgive all my inequities knowinly and unknowing and shower your mercy over me. Show us the way to
tackle challenges ahead of us without deviating from your path.
Adejoke: amen.
Me: So you overhead all I have been
Adejoke: yes. Its already late go and sleep.
Me: okay.
The following day was a public holiday, so I and Adejoke went to pick my family. My mum was very much glad when she got to our residence. She kept thanking God for the next 10 minutes. We did a mini get-together for the re-union of my family because I and my family was never be into such luxury before.
After that my mum called us to give us word of advise.
Mum: my daughters! It shall be well with you.
No evil shall fall on you. You shall not want. My advice to you is that, remember where you are coming from. Never bite the finger that is feeding you. Be diligent and put God first in whatever you are doing. Don’t bite more than what you can chew. Beware of intruders for they are in every sphere of life.
Mind the kind of people you associate with for bad company corrupt good manner. As you will be admiring by different men of both high and low status, be wise and chose wisely. Many of them will prowess they loves you because of your influence. Few of them are true lover. I pray to Almighty God to choose for you. I’m happy and I shall not shed tears over
Adejoke: thank you ma for your Priceless advice. I promised we will heed to it.
Me: we really appreciate your concern. I pray to Almighty God to spare your life so that you can enjoy the fruit of your labour to the fullest. Thank you.
Mum: amen.
Me: we want to visit someone now so I will tell driver to take you to the house I said.
Mum: o se oko mi Amoke, omo o toju iwo naa(thanks my jewel Amoke, your child will take care of you as well).
Me: amen ma. We will be back soon.
Adejoke: let use my car.
Me: has he wash it?
Adejoke: yes.
Me: alright. We entered the car driving toward prison road.

We branched a shoprite to buy some things. As we are about to check out of the complex, a lady was shouting your change! Your change!! When she approached us, guess who she was?
To be Continued.


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