"Everyone Wants To Smoke, Chase Plenty Girls To Be Fela" - Seun Kuti, Says Fela Would Be President If He Was Alive (Video)

Everyone Wants To Smoke, Chase Plenty Girls To Be Fela Says Seun Kuti, And Also
Said Fela Would Be President If He Was Alive.

In an exclusive interview with TVC's 'Your View', Seun Kuti, Son of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the legendary Afrobeat icon shared his views on certain issues.
Everyone want to be like my father fela seun kuti says

Part of the issues he spoke on is the rampant usage of his father's name and image (mostly by musicians). Overtime, Artistes like Kanye West, AKA and a whole lot have referenced themselves to be the 'New Fela', a comparism Seun has recently began to shut down.

To the son of the Afrobeat icon, he feels most people only want to emulate the marijuana smoking and access to plenty women part of Fela, ignoring his political and socio-cultural sacrifices and presence before his demise.

When asked if his Father would have supported any politician in the today Nigeria, he made it clear that Fela wouldnt, as he would actually be the President of Nigeria himself.



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