Gifty Differentiate between Father & Dad As She Slams Deadbeat Fathers in New Instagram post

Gifty in a new Instagram post, slammed deadbeat fathers as she pointed
out that there is big difference between a Dad and a Father.

The reality show star who also praised mothers, admonished them to keep their faith and also ‘get their heart smiling’. Gifty who slammed deadbeat fathers who are proud to take that spot even without doing anything for their kids, added that they deserve a miserable death.

Your Thoughts on Her Difference between a Father and a Dad.

My opinion, Gifty might have got the difference mixed up because every man with that long thing can Father a child , which means we have the ( Father and Mother )

Only a Responsible Man can "Daddy or Dad" a Child, any man stand as a DAD to any child as far as he is taking responsibilities of the child, that makes him a DAD, But not every MAN can FATHER one CHILD.

But Ehrm What Do Little Mayowa Know ?


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