"Most Of The Reigning Artistes Are Baby Fathers, A lot of Them dont Have Time For Their Children" - AY.COM

Singer, Ayoola Johnson, popularly known as AY.COM had a breakthrough in
the music industry in 2019, with his hit song "Pass Me Your Love" featuring Terry G. .

However, since that time, little has been heard from the singer. In an interview with Punch, the singer explained that getting married early affected his musical career, as he had to focus on his family.

The singer made it known that he got married at 25 and his wife got pregnant almost after their marriage, which led to the birth of their son, who will be eight years old soon.

Speaking about home responsibilities, the singer made it known that most of the popular artiste don't have time for their children.

Asked about the difference about the music industry when he started and now, he made it clear that thing have indeed changed : " the difference is clear, it's not about talent anymore in the music industry; it is about money." he said.

Also speaking about the death of DJ Xgee, AY.com noted that his death could have been avoided if he had someone to talk to that he was depressed.

"the reason why a lot of people are dying due to depression is because they have no one to talk to; most of them are afraid of people gossiping about them. A colleague of mine relocated to America because a conversation about him and his wife leaked on a blog" he said.


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