See How Thugs Takes Over APC Rally In Lagos State (Video)

This is APC governorship campaign flag off. This is the legacy Tinubu/ APC in Lagos
state. And they are replicating the same in neighboring states.

This is the kind of environment our children are growing up, this is what the upcoming youths sees all the time, God forbids that they see it as the norm. But to be candid it is not an ideal environment for kids to grow up.

Lagos is gradually becoming unsafe. Chairman of motor parks are more powerful than the chairman of local government.

They cause chaos at will and nobody questions them. This same hoodlums are friends to DPO's and commissioners.

This are the same machinery for Tinubu during elections. Insurgency in the north started this way political thugs who regrouped to become boko haram.

But I believe that on man cannot be stronger than a population of over 18 million. But we are non challant about. Why? Have read in the comments some saying "let them put whoever they like, me, I will not vote", " Nigeria no fit better' but remember insurgency in the north many years back was not at this large scale, people folded their hands and did nothing about it.

And the same home they said they will sit at, they cannot sit any more. Remember Edmund Burke " the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing " the only legitimate way to do this, is to put the right man in the office and that can only happen through our votes.

Until we realize that the kind of society that we want is in our hands and exercise that power the status quo will remain the same.
Aynaijang CEO have spoken!! 


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