Election Ballot Box Snatched By Armed APC Thugs With Soldiers Assistance, One Killed... Man Cries Out

Despite the promises by the both parties to support free and fair elections, a PDP
chieftain in Bayelsa State has raised an alarm following the hijacking and stealing of ballot boxes in his community. The man, who's the PDP candidate for Bayelsa East Senatorial district, Chief Ipigansi Izagara said the election materials were hijacked in Nembe Basambiri and Okoroba areas of the state.
Ballot Box Snatched By Armed APC Thugs... Man Cries Out
According to him, the shooting and hijack of materials were sponsored by the APC supporters and alleged that one person has been killed and five others injured.

He said the armed attack against PDP members started around 10pm on Friday with chasing out of PDP members in the area, “they have hijacked materials from our area with the assistance of soldiers."

Also speaking, a chieftain of the PDP from Okoroba community in Nembe council, Benjamin, also alleged that in ward 11, 12 and 13 of the area, the materials have been diverted with the aide of security agents.

“We have been waiting and did not see materials and ad-hoc staff from INEC.
We learnt that they have been hijacked. Am at my unit 13 and no hope of voting,” he said.

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