• EPISODE 11 : The Painful Pleasure (EPISODE STORY)

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    Episode 11
    I gently placed my hands oh her shoulder, and slowly
    pushed her away. “I’m sorry, I can’t do this.”
    She looked at me for a while. “Are you the last born? Why
    are you making a big deal out of this? Seriously it’s no big
    deal.” She began to raise her voice. “You don’t have to shout.
    You are a very wonderful lady and I respect that. You are
    funny, outspoken and I like that fact. But don’t you think that
    by doing this, you are going overboard? We haven’t even
    known each other for up to three months. And as a matter
    of fact, this is the second time I’m seeing you in my whole
    life. . .” I explained so she could understand me, but she
    replied sharply. “Wait dude, what is the whole speech all
    about, I didn’t ask you to date me, neither did ask you to
    have sex with me, it was just a kind gesture, it’s all fine, we
    are cool, I’m serious.” She started talking as if nothing had
    happened. “Are you sure you are not mad at me?” I asked.
    “Why would I be? I should be the one asking that question.”
    She replied.
    Since it was all settled, I thought it was time to go, then
    Sandra looked at me and said “I don’t have to beg you to ask
    for my number, do I?” I had totally forgotten to ask for her
    number, the whole drama that just happened between us
    has really destabilized me, that I didn’t even remember to
    do that. “My bad!!! I’m sorry I totally forgot.” I brought out
    my ‘palasa’ and gave it to her, she looked at the phone, then
    she smiled, collected the phone and pressed in two
    numbers, and saved them as ‘Sandra 1’ and ‘Sandra 2’
    “I don’t have to beg you to ask for my number, do I.” I
    repeated the same thing she had said earlier. So she
    brought out her PHONE. Yes! It has to be stressed, because
    that was what should be referred to as phone, and not my
    BB Tour. It was a Samsung ‘touch-screen’ phone, well I don’t
    know about now, but then, Samsung phones were
    considered to be one of the most expensive phones. I held
    the phone carefully to avoid stories that touch the heart, and
    pressed on the screen with my middle finger, my one and
    only phone number. It was then it occurred to me that she
    was a ‘rich kid’.
    We said good night to each other, and I gave her a hug, then
    we departed. That was around 3am, so I headed straight to
    my room. As I was going, I was wondering “this girl must be
    really rich o”. I got to my room, everyone had slept, Mayowa
    was on his bed sleeping too. I just climbed my bunk and
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