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**#(written by_mr_couple)***
I and maryam rushed down to the scene leaving Joke for sharing. We met Chief Abiodun in his lump of blood dying……………
Maryam: haa! Uncle Biodun.
Sympathizer: he’s a mad man.
Maryam: mad what?
Me: he’s insane ma.
Sympathizer: you know him?
Me: let him die he’s a wicked fellow.
Maryam: he’s my in-law.
Me: your what?
Maryam: he married my aunt.
Me: whaaaaat? Joke! Joke!! Joke!!!
Maryam: please let take him to hospital.
As Joke wanted to cross the road a car hit her from behind and she instantly pass out.
Joke! Please don’t do this to me, you musn’t die my dear(I said as I fought back tears) while taking her to hospital.
I sat down waiting for doctor to come out of emergency room.
Thirty minutes later, she came out. Where’s my friend? Can I see her? What do you need? Money? Name your price Doc. My friend must live.
“I’m sorry Miss, all our effort to save the lady was proved abortive, we lost her” she said as she shook her head with great sympathy.
You must be joking Doc(I said as I threw myself to her).
Doctor please tell me you’re just jo….jo…..king(I stammered).
“Nurse please take care of this lady” she said as she walked away.
Suddenly I started laughing……………….Joke can’t die like that………….yes she told me we would live long. I faced a patient beside me……….does God make an empty promise?
“She shook her head which means NO”
But God revealed to me then………….that Adejoke would be great in life. Then why does He kill her? I said why does He kill my friend?? I said facing no one in particular.
Someone tapped me from back. When I turn to him “your friend did not die but she went to land of rest”. Land of what? “Land of rest”£ please take me to……….take me……….NOW……….I also want to go…..I want to goooooooooooo!
To be continued!


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