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Maryam: Temilade! Temilade!!
Me: Audubillahi(I seek refuge from devil).standing up simultaneously. “Where is my friend?
Maryam: where are you going?
Me: I had a bad dream. Please has Joke woke?
Maryam: I think………
The door flung opened as smile consumed Doctor’s face. “I think they are both lucky” he said with big grin.
Me: erm…….erm…..can we see her now?
“Yea” he said giving way to E-ward.
Adejoke and her father were put in the same ward.
Chief Abiodun was hit at head while Joke was unconscious when we rush them in.
The most incredible part of it was that as Chief was hit, he regained his sanity back. When he opened his
eye and saw Maryam……………..
Chief Abiodun: help me beg God for forgiveness.
Maryam: but you said this man is insane.
Me: yes ma.
Maryam: how come then?
Me: I’m even surprised!
Maryam: you know him before?
Me: yes that was the Chief that want to use me for money ritual which I told you in prison.
Maryam: ehn?
Chief Abiodun: maryam please help me seek for forgiveness.
Maryam: what have you done wrong Uncle?
Chief Abiodun: I was the one that used your aunt for money ritual.
Maryam: whaaat!
*******flash back************
Chief Abiodun: after 10 years of our marriage, I was still roaming about the street jobless. Then my
daughter is about 8yrs of age.
One day I was coming from a casual work when I met my best friend in university driving a Range rover sport.
He parked, I rushed to hug him but he repelled me because my cloth was filthy………….
Tayo: Abbey is this you?
Chief: yea I am.
Tayo: despite your academic soundness in university.
Chief: can you see where this country has led me to!
Tayo: aren’t you the genius I knew?
Chief: hmmm………..
Tayo: I hope to see you in big company giving order as their boss.
Chief: big company you said…………I have applied for bar man job severally.
Tayo: really?
Chief: it’s serious my friend. It’s now I believed that been a genius in school doesn’t guarrantee success.
Tayo: anyway you will sing a new song as you see me today.
He gave me his complimentary card to see him.
I went there the following day, after which he took me to an old woman. The woman assured me that I
will be wealthy in life. She later gave me a soap to bath in the middle of night. I was so happy not knowing that I was in trouble. When I bathed finish,
as I want to enter I met my wife coming out to urinate.
I went to the woman as she instructed early the following day. She asked me what I saw after the bathing. I told her that when I was coming out of
bathroom I met my wife. She said I should thank my
fate. She further asked again did you have a dream.
Yes, I saw myself having intercourse with a girl of about 13years of age.
Ok, listen carefully as henceforth you are billionaire.
Thanks ma(I prostrate).
She continue, your wife will die in the next 7days.
What? I shouted. You must not marry another woman. Haaa! I’m doomed. You will find a virgin to have sex with every six month to appease the
gods, failure to do so you will run mad. I apprehended the woman in annoyance attempting to kill her before she commanded me to leave her.
She threatened to kill me if I dare try such again.
Only then I believed that “eni kanju wowo a kanju rorun”.
To be Continued!


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