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    “May God guide us not to go astray. May He perfect His will in our life in the time we desire it most, amen”
    I told her that I won’t leave her house. She consoled me for 4 days adding that either I continue the appeasement or not my wife will still die.
    I later decided to go home in other to see what fate had in stock for me.
    When I get home I couldn’t tell my wife anything except crying; despite the worriness all over her face. What a good wife! She patted me for
    the whole day. Hmmm! I can’t alter a single word nor eat.
    About 8:30am the following day, my wife brought an envelope which a NIPOST agent brought with my name inscribe on it bodly.
    When I opened it, it was an appointment letter to a company which I wrote a proposal to 2years ago. I teared the letter instantly without a word.
    At this point I pray “may we not go astray before our favor locate us”
    Hmmm! My wife kneel down, Oko mi(my husband), olowo orimi(my jewel) what happened please talk to
    I shook my head and went inside.
    The most painful part of it was that my wife family don’t want me to marry her but she insisted. I can’t
    drink nor eat anything all I do is calculating the our my darling wife will bid me goodbye forever. My heart breathed fast whenever I see my wife looking her as a walking dead. I can’t raise my head to look her eye to eye.
    Finally, the seventh day came like a lightening.
    She was bathing my daughter Adejoke when I heard her voice Abbey!
    I rushed to bathroom, I met her vomiting blood. I carried her out of bathroom and before I could reach
    outside she died.
    What a terrible trade by batter devil liked!
    That’s how I lost my darling wife.
    Tayo came to my house the second day which I raged my annoyance that I don’t want to see him.
    I was lying down on the 3rd day when a masquerade appeared to me. He beat me to the extent that I couldn’t move my body as its down on me that is reality not dream. I was surprised to see Tayo again telling me that if I don’t go back to the woman for final rite that’s what I will be experience. I begged him to carry me to the woman.
    The woman sprinkled a mixture all over my body and asked him to take me away. She furthered told me to
    keep her warnings that my money has come.
    That’s how I got myself into an everlasting bondage of devil(he concluded).
    I and Maryam could not close our mouth albeit speechless.
    Joke sneezed out suddenly. I rushed down to her bed.
    You’re reading TEMILADE season 2 as written by Afolabi Sefiu aka Mr Couple. For more stories like my page facebook.com/sefiubidunmrcouple
    Adejoke: Temilade what happened?
    Me: oh thank God, it was an accident.
    Adejoke: where’s aunt Maryam?
    Me: she was with your Dad.
    Adejoke: my Dad?
    Me: yes.
    Adejoke: how come?
    Me: its a long story.
    Adejoke: let go to them.
    Me: relax now.
    Adejoke: I’m okay please where are they?
    I took her to her dad bed……
    Maryam: how are you feeling now Joke?
    Adejoke: I’m okay. What’s happening here?
    Chief Abiodun: haaa! Adejoke my daughter(crying).
    Adejoke: who is your daughter? Please aunt let leave this animal(facing Maryam).
    Me: sit down Adejoke he’s still your father.
    Maryam: but why did you raped your daughter?
    Chief Abiodun: just help me beg her for forgiveness.
    Me: Chief(I called out smiling)!
    Chief Abiodun: Temilade ha! you are also here.
    Me: yes sir.
    Chief Abiodun: ha!(Shaking his head) what a mighty God. So no matter how we runs, our shadow will still follow us. Please maryam help me beg them(crying).
    Adejoke: you think I will die in prison abi shameless father.
    Me: I said don’t sin against God through him.
    Maryam: well, God will has come to pass eventually.
    Chief Abiodun: (stretching his hands) Jo…..ke …ke….ke.
    Maryam: doctor! doctor!! Doctoooooor!!!

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