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“Death is inevitable, so beware of last day and desist from bad ways”
Doctor rushed in, he tested him.
Doctor: (shaking his head)I’m sorry, he’s dead.
maryam: (hugged Adejoke) so you are my blood?
Adejoke: (crying) my aunt!
They both shed tears of joy before they separated.
Chief Abiodun was buried in a cemetery the following day.
The following week all his properties was willed to orphanage home.
*******Two months later**********
We all sat in out living room watching a Korean movie……
Adejoke: where is my grand ma?
Maryam: she’s in South Africa.
Adejoke: who took her there?
Maryam: after your mum’s death, she nearly kill herself. That’s why my Dad took her there.
Adejoke: but why I don’t know you?
Maryam: the last time I saw you was when your mum died. We lived in Abuja so we do come home once in
a while. I made an attempt to take you along to Abuja then but your dad insisted.
Me: who knows you were families well its good to be good.
Maryam: Alhamudulilah for that.
Adejoke: thank you Temilade you are the best friend in the world.
Me: hmmm! We should be thanking God and our darling sister Maryam.
Maryam: we thank God. And I thanked you girls for staying with me in the jungle.
Bell rings………..
Me: who is that?
Adejoke: come in. its Bright.
Me: okay.
Bright: good afternoon ma.
Maryam: afternoon my brother.
Me: welcome sir.
Adejoke: you will not greet me?
Maryam: does that necessary?
Bright: ok I’m sorry ma! Good afternoon.
Adejoke: better.
Maryam: Dupe!!!!
Dupe: yes ma.
Maryam: bring fruit juice for us.
Adejoke: (stood up) my lovely friend, my darling sister, I think I need to do formal introduction. Here is Bright my fiance.
Maryam: (smiling) hmmm! I see.
Me: Iyawo elese osun.
Bright: (prostrated) weldone ma.
Maryam: stand up dear.
Bright: I came here to fix date for our introduction and wedding.
Me: (coughing) hmm! Hmm!
Adejoke: (smiling) Temmy, Temmy.
Maryam: I hoped you and your wife has reached compromise?
Adejoke: yes ma.
Maryam: then tell us the date?
Bright and Joke moved closer to each other and had a mini discussion or let me use gossip.
Bright: (he stood up) 30th of next mont for the introduction and 31st for the wedding ma.
Maryam: that’s very nice. May God spares our lives.
Me and Joke: amen ooo
we both toasted and drank the fruit juice.
Maryam: Sis Temmy its left to you now.
Adejoke: abi!
Me: don’t worry Allah will do it.
adejoke: he has done it let her meet him.
Me: you are not serious.
Maryam: hmmm!
Me: don’t worry Big sister you will meet him soon.
Maryam: okay o.


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