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    “No condition is permanet, so don’t limit yourself”.
    Adejoke wedding is such an elaborate graced by high influential peoples around the world.
    I as the best lady also made the event a memorable and colourful in our lives.
    Hmmm! Adejoke life made me believed that if there’s life a slave today can be king tomorrow. At this point I pray for those reading; no matter difficulty you’re passing through, it will be a sacrifice to your everlasting joy.
    The following week, the couple went to SA for their honey moon.
    I was coming from office a month after Joke’s wedding when my phone rings………
    Me: hello!
    Caller: Salam(peace)
    Me: walekun Salam (peace be unto you too).
    Caller: I’m I speaking with Hadiza?
    Me: yes, how can I help you?
    Caller: I’m Abdul-Lateef.
    Me: from where and how do you get my number?
    Caller: I’m calling from Abuja. I collected your number during your sister wedding.
    Me: oh! I’m sorry. How you doing sir?
    Caller: I’m good. How is work?
    Me: Alhamudulilah.
    One thing led to others. At the end of our conversation, he proposed to date me.
    Abdul-Lateef was a guy that best Adejoke’s husband. He was very charming handsome guy based in UK as a programmer.
    I agreed with his proposal after a month of intense pressure.
    Our love grows wider everyday. Temilade found her lover eventually.
    The said day came, people were eating and drinking at the occasion. everything has set for the clerics to join us together when I heard a gun shot from no where…………
    NOOOOOO(I screamed)!
    Maryam: what’s it?
    Me: hnnn! Hnnn! Hnn….m..(Breathing heavily). Thank God its a dream.
    Maryam: you had a dream right?
    Me: yes (I shook my head).
    Maryam: okay. Stand up let go and pray.
    We offered 2rakat after which some chapters in holy Qur’an was recited. After that I narrated the dream to her.
    Maryam: just relax, it may be illusion.
    Me: okay.
    Maryam: by His grace no evil will fall on you.
    Me: amen I believed.
    We slept back after the prayer.
    I was so surprised to see my mum early the following day…….
    Me: good morning ma!
    Mum: Temliade my jewel!
    Me: yes mom.
    Mum: it shall be well for you.
    Me: amen.
    Mum: as nobody knows the source of sea nor ocean,
    enemy will not know your source of joy.
    Me: amen ma.
    Mum: I had a very scary dream about your wedding yesternight.
    Me: enh?
    Mum: beeni(yes).
    Me: I had the same dream.
    Mum: what shall we do now?
    Me: don’t worry ma just pray for me nothing will happen by His will. I would meet my Ustaz tomorrow.
    Mum: amin o. You know I don’t have anyone except you (crying).
    Me: stop it ma. You will not lose me.
    I consoled her for some minutes before Maryam also appealed to her.
    What might brought this kind omen? Did I wronged anybody……….(Soliloquising).
    Don’t you hear what God says that there’s no fear for those that believed in Him(A thought came in). I said to myself, no evil will fall on me and my fiance.
    You’re reading Temilade season 2 written by Afolabi Sefiu aka Mr. Couple. Don’t forget to like my page facebook.com/sefiubidunmrcouple.
    I know the dream I had stands for a significant impact in my future.
    I’m ready to face the next phase of my life with full determination and courage. I can’t wait to narrate it to you.
    Adejoke gave birth to a baby girl months later but unfortunately Itan(the boy she conceived to her father) died on that very day, hmmm what a coincidental.
    I really thanked God for his mercy and grace over my life(Alhamudulilah Robil-alameen).
    **********THE END***********
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