• EPISODE 7 : The Painful Pleasure (EPISODE STORY)

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    The Painful Pleasure
    To cut the long story short, we finally got to ‘Campus gate’ in
    Ife. I alighted from the bus with my ‘FDF’, and took my load.
    Carrying them was not so easy, so Moji offered to carry one
    for me, but i told her not to worry.
    I saw a large bill board that has “WELCOME TO OBAFEMI
    AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY ILE IFE” boldly written on It, with the
    motto “FOR LEARNING AND CULTURE” written underneath. I
    was quite shocked when i saw the logo, it was the statue of a
    woman, with book on her head. “Does this mean we will
    have to read and cram like mad?” I said to Moji, who
    laughed at me like i didn’t know what i was saying. “The
    statue represents culture, and the book depicts learning as
    the motto states” She answered, clearing my ignorance. I
    was so surprised that she knew that, since we were both
    ‘freshers’, so i asked her how she knew that. “My dad
    graduated from OAU.”She Answered.
    We entered the school gate, and took a bus into campus. As
    we were in the bus, i thought to myself, “I won’t want to
    make the same mistake i made with Sandra. This one, i must
    surely get her my number. So i gave her my (palasa) phone
    boldly and said to her. “Something is wrong with my phone,
    can you help fix it?” She looked at me like I didn’t know what
    i was saying, collecting the phone from me. “What is it?” she
    asked. Looking at her like ‘lucosade’, i answered and said.
    “Your number is not in it”. She laugged hysterically, and i
    joined in the laughter. Then she said “you are so funny,
    simple ‘can i have your number will do the trick.’ She took
    the phone, and pressed in some 11 digits.
    Though, my phone wasn’t quite cool, all the keys were
    functioning properly and i was so proud of it. I was given
    bedspace in Awolowo Hall, while Moji was given in
    Mozambique Hall. So i came down from the Bus before her.
    Because there is still a turn before getting to her hostel. I
    waved at her, and said “see ya” she smiled and replied
    same. This is not like Sandra’s case where i wasn’t sure i was
    going to see her again. Even if i didn’t take Moji’s number,
    we were in the same department anyway.
    I entered my hostel, it was quite crowdy, as people were
    going up and down, dragging bags and lockers. Indeed,
    school had resumed.
    What next? Find out in episode 8

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