Reckless Lifestyle! Woman's Uterus 'Vanishes' After 17 Abortions Within 6 Years

A lady has been told by specialists that she may never have the capacity
to have babies in the wake of harming her uterus because of premature abortions. She has experienced around 17 abortions in six years.
It is said that the woman's womb was so badly damaged after all the procedures that her uterus lining was 'as thin as a piece of paper,' according to a doctor at the

Shiyan Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital. The patient, known by a pseudonym Xiao Ju, has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for six years and the couple don't use contraception, reportedly Shiyan Evening News.

According to Daily Mail, the lady told the doctors that she was not ready to get married and was not capable of raising a child, therefore she had decided to terminate all pregnancies, said the report.

Any babies born out of wedlock in China will not be issued an ID, which means they will not be entitled to state benefits or the right to receive education.
Dr. Zhao Qin, head of gynaecology at Shiyan Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital in Central China's Hubei Province, said she had urged a pregnant Xiao Ju to keep her child when she visited the hospital again this month.

Dr. Zhao explained to her that it might be her last chance at motherhood.

However, the 27-year-old insisted on the procedure, leaving Zhao and her colleagues no choice but to perform what was the patient's 17th abortion in just six years.

It is said that Xiao Ju has visited the hospital so often that the doctors call her 'a regular customer'.


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