And here you say, "my spouse or my partner suspects me all the time
. They don't trust me at all". This is the challenge in many relationships and marriages.
Suspicion in a relationship or marriage doesn't happen overnight. It is always the product of a broken trust (whether once or several times). After love and commitment, trust is the next lifeline of any relationship or marriage that will be healthy, flourish or be successful.

If in the past you've broken your partner's or spouse's trust, don't expect them to trust you so easily again. If you broke their trust on money, don't expect them to trust you so easily again with their money. If you cheated on them once or more times, don't expect them to trust you so easily again with someone of the opposite s-ex. If as a man you once cheated on your spouse with her younger sister, don't expect her to trust you so easily again with her younger sister around you. If as a single lady or wife you're still very much involved or still communicates vigorously and romantically with your ex's, don't expect your partner or spouse to trust you so easily again with your ex's. No matter who one is, if you break your partner's or spouse's trust, you have automatically made them suspicious in that relationship or marriage.
Honestly, each passing day as I counsel people, I wonder if some people really understand the basic rules of relationship or marriage. Actually many don't.
If you are married already or are already involved with someone in a relationship, you have no business looking elsewhere.
That's the bitter truth many people don't like to hear. Come on folks, truth be told and let's be objective here: you want them to stop suspecting you. Please put yourself in their shoes. Every now and then when you have a particular call, you always excuse yourself from your partner or spouse to go answer it in the secret. The other time your partner or spouse ran out of credit on their phone and wanted to use yours since it had some credit for calls, you quickly rushed from where you sat down, almost falling down to stop them from touching your phone. You're in the company of someone of the opposite s-ex and were so close, so enclosed, so intimate with them all through your conversation with them. Your spouse mistakenly stumbled on an incoming phone or WhatsApp message from your phone in your absence, and the message read something like this, "Hi Baby, how are you doing today? I just wanted to tell you that you are so sweet and I really enjoyed you making love to me yesterday like a wild cat. I can wait to have you inside of me again tomorrow". I really miss you", etc.
Friends, if you experienced such painted scenarios above will you still trust them easily? Won't you start suspecting every of their moves? This year your relationship or marriage must work. But you must tidy up your life by putting a stop to those lifestyles that disrupt the peace, keeps heating up the atmosphere, keeps making you a suspect in your relationship or marriage. In every relationship or marriage, the "magic wand" of success is YOU. Many thanks for reading.


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