Why I Took A Break From Acting To Learn About S*x –Actress Seyi Hunter Speaks

Actress and Vlogger, Seyi Hunter, has finally revealed why she paused her acting
career, took a break from the movie industry because she wanted to learn more about s-x to become professional s-x therapist
Why I Took A Break From Acting To Learn About Sex Actress Seyi Hunter Speaks
. She told Sunday Scoop, “I took a break from my movie career last year to learn more about s-x education and therapy. I did some courses on S-x Education and Human Se-xuality to make me a certified se-x educator. However, I just produced a movie titled, The Return. I’m also currently working on another production and I have scripts lined up from other filmmakers. So, it’s already a busy year.”

Explaining why she decided to focus on s-x in her vlog, Hunter said, “When I started my vlog, Sinful Friday, I realised that it was a welcome idea.

 It felt like Nigerians and the rest of the world had been waiting for me. People are in need of someone to teach them se-xual skills and pleasure. I’m good at it and I’m an expert in the game. So, I decided to focus on everything that has to do with s-x.”

Maintaining that she is not wayward as many are wont to think, Seyi said, “I’m not a promiscuous person. I used to be a one-man kind of girl, and I have been celibate for over a year, but that is changing this month. That I talk about s-ex and teach se-xual skills doesn’t mean I sleep around. People need to understand that.”

Narrating some of her weirdest sexual experiences, Hunter said, “I’ve had lots of crazy se-xual experiences but I’ll tell you three. I’ve had s-x in a club filled with people on a Friday night.

 I just sat on him like I was dancing. I also did it in an elevator somewhere in Ikoyi. And the third one was on a tenth floor balcony somewhere on Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, at about 6pm. It was rush hour and everywhere was busy but we continued anyway.”


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