Rapper, ElDee Blasts Olu Maintain, Calls Him "Shameless" .

Rapper, ElDee Blasts Olu Maintain, Calls
Him "Shameless" .

Nigerian rapper, Eldee didn't hesitate to vent his anger on colleague Olu Maintain for performing his song "Big Boy" like he (Olu Maintain) 'owned it'
Rapper, ElDee Blasts Olu Maintain, Calls Him Shameless

The record, which is originally for Eldee had Olu Maintain on it as a guest, but it seem as though the now US-based rapper was not okay with the singer performing the song.

In a post that was later deleted, Elder said: "This shameless n*gga out on stages performing my record like he created it. I still remember how he tried to steal the record right after I put him on it, forcing me to put it out prematurely. N*gga ran off with the unmastered draft and went to print CDs with himself as the lead artist, even his verse was written by me."

However, the rapper later apologised to his fans for his outbreak, claiming that he had been silent a lot of things about things like this in the Nigerian music industry.
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