Episode 1: Birthday Murder Episode Story

The story titled " Birthday Murder" was written for your great pleasures to learn

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Episode 1: Birthday Murder Episode Story

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He slowly pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. He was breathing breathing furiously, he began to think again, the reason why he had accepted d deal………….
He was sitting down at his favorite spot in hotel drinking and observing the people around him, then he saw the man coming towards him,the man had offered him a good job worths millions of dollars……
He felt a vibration and that brought him back, he picked up his phone and answered:-
HIM: what?
CALLER: are you there now?
HIM: yes
CALLER: good, proceed as planned, everything is good from this area
HIM: what about the traffic came?
CALLER: everything is ok
HIM: (took a deep breath) good
CALLER: you are good to go, call me when its done
He ends the call and took another breath to calm his nerves. Its now time to earn his money 750 dough by making his first kill

He brought out his laptop nd hacked into the hotel’s system, viewed the inside, located his target and then shifted the camera a bit to avoid being seen. He wore his specialized latext glove and got down from the car and entered the hotel,he approached the target, carefully avoiding the cameras until he sat face to face with him
HIM: Hi john, am inspector mason
JOHN: Hi inspector
MASON: Can we please go to talk, i hv an important message for you
JOHN: ok, sure.
He got up and they went downstairs to a lonely area, he then pulled out his phone and showed him a picture
MASON: Do you remember them?
JOHN: (eyes widened on seeing the picture) yes, i do
MASON: (changing the picture) Do you remember him?
JOHN: Yes i do his name his judge
MASON: (pulling his gun silently) He’s alive…….
JOHN: What
MASON: …….and he send his greetings
JOHN: Wh………..kposaaa
Mason has already fired the shot and had hit him in the chest. He then carefully spilled the drink he his holding……..
10 minutes later
Driving away in his call, he made the calle…..
MASON: It done and am clear..
CALLER: Good…stay low for now

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